Drew Barrymore Reveals the Answer to Your No. 1 Beauty Question

Watch the "Santa Clarita Diet" star talk about her new products!

By Alanah Joseph May 25, 2018 12:13 AMTags
Watch: Drew Barrymore Is Proud of Her Mother-Focused Beauty Line

Drew Barrymore is the realest in the more ways than one.

If you follow her on Instagram, you'll notice that the beauty guru and owner of Flower Beauty keeps it pretty natural on a day-to-day. Yet, it's very clear that she love makeup, which she refers to as "weapons" for confidence. As she talked about her brand's foundation and concealer products, the Santa Clarita Diet star shared that women on her social media ask her about makeup for skin the most.

"I want women to feel really good about the way we make our foundations and our new light illusion," she told E! News.

Drew Barrymore's Favorite Beauty Products

The star also admitted that her makeup line is inspired by her lifestyle as a mother of two: "I have dark circles," she stated with a surprisingly upbeat attitude. "I look like the crypt keeper. I have two kids, and I just have sunken eyes. The lower they go, the most purple they look."

The result: the Flower Beauty Light Illusion Full Coverage Concealer, which is only $10.

To get rid of dark circles, she says, "You need something that's more of a highlighter, more of an optic illusion of brightness to lift them up and reflect."

There you have it! 

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