Botched Patient Patricia Wants to Add a Little More Fat to Her "Supa Booty"

By Vannessa Jackson May 14, 2018 4:30 PMTags
Watch: Steel Worker Patricia Wants to Fix "Botched" Butt

Super woman to the rescue! 

If you thought the Botched doctors Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow had seen it all, then you should think again, because they ain't seen nothing yet. On this week's episode, they talk with Patricia, a steel mill worker by day, and a DJ and model by night. 

She's pretty much your average superhero. "Today, you have met supa woman," she tells the confused doctors. Dr. Nassif struggles with the hip lingo a little bit, but finally understands that she's not super woman, she's supa woman. "Patricia is a very strange dichotomy. I don't really understand it, but to be honest with you, it's so cool," Dr. Dubrow jokes. 

Once the jokes are traded, it's time for them to get down to the real task at hand—her butt. "I guess the thing that's most prominent is the buttock area," Dr. Dubrow shares with the patient. "So you had liposuction and fat transfer grafting into the buttock area? A Brazilian butt lift."

Patricia confirms that but surprises them with another huge detail. "How much did he put in?" Dr. Dubrow asks about her first surgery. "1200 cc's," she tells a shocked Dr. Dubrow. "So you had 1200 cc's put in each buttock? So what happened next time?" he asked.

"Second time the doctor put in 900 cc's," she tells them.

"So you have 2100 cc's of fat in each buttock cheek?" Dr. Dubrow confirms. "Supa booty! Supa booty. Not super booty, supa booty!" Dr. Nassif jokes. While she's happy with the size, she's hoping they can fix the shape. "I'm happy with the size, but the shape kind of took on a flat surface on it." Will they be able to round out her butt? 

See the hilarious moment in the video above! 

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