Megan Forces Kyle to Choose Between Her, IHM and Terence on The Arrangement: "It's Time We All Picked a Side"

She's putting it all on the line for the man she loves, but will he do the same?

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Who will he choose? 

Megan Morrison (Christine Evangelista) and Kyle West (Josh Henderson) have had their fair share of relationship issues on The Arrangement, but can they make it through this one? 

After finding out Kyle's major secret, you know, that he paralyzed a man and then had Terence (Michael Vartan) bury the police report, Megan is a little on edge with her fiancé. But she's got to pep up because she has a wedding to prepare for. Plus, an exciting career opportunity. 

Deann (Lexa Doig) is fighting for her next career move. "I know you're dealing with a lot right now, but if we want this project we need to get aggressive," she tells Megan. Which means her relationship may be on the rocks, but her career is about to be on solid ground. 

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Before she can truly dig into her work, she needs Kyle's help ensuring Julie Woolth and her brother Aaron are safe. Especially since Terence seems to be working on a plan to eliminate them for good. This unfortunately means Megan is going to have to take Kyle to see Aaron. 

After a teary eyed reunion, Kyle is able to have a heart to heart with the man whose life he destroyed. "I used to hate watching movies. Pick apart your performance, which wasn't hard. Some of that early stuff, yikes!" Aaron told him. "Then you got good. And that at first made me hate you more, but I realized I could lose myself in your performances. Root for your characters to win, grieve when they lost. And that, just feeling that, was kind of..." 

"Healing," Kyle finished his thought. While they may not have hugged it out and promised to meet up for mimosas soon, the both of them did get a little bit of the closure that they needed to move forward. 

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But it's going to take a lot more than that for Megan to forgive Kyle, because what she really wants is Terence to be out of the picture. "You think he cares about you? He controls you. He uses all of this to keep you tied to him because he needs you," Megan tells him. "He's built IHM off of your fame. Don't you see that?"

Kyle isn't completely convinced that this situation is just black and white, and he's definitely not ready for his relationship with Terence to end just yet...or is he?  "Of course I see that. He's also been there for me when I had nothing. When I felt like nothing and that matters. After everything that Terence has done, that will always matter," he tells a disappointed Megan. "But I'm willing to leave. IHM, Terence, I'll cut ties." 

She's obviously a little bit weary of that. "You've built your whole life, your identity around IHM and Terence. How am I supposed to believe that now you're willing to give all of that up?" she asks him. 

"Because what I'm not willing to give up is you," he tells her. "I love you, Megan. And if I have to choose, then I choose you." Music to her ears! 

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Naturally both of them decide to blind side Terence with the news that Kyle is leaving IHM. To add insult to injury, they do it at their wedding rehearsal dinner so he doesn't make a scene. Yeah, not their smartest idea.

"I'm leaving IHM," Kyle tells Terence. "No one is telling me what to do. I made a choice, I love Megan and I'm choosing her," Kyle shares. But Terence isn't letting go without a fight, even though Kyle assures him this doesn't have to be a difficult process.  

"I won't leave publicly. I don't want to embarrass you. I know this is an important time for The Institute. But if you make this more difficult than it needs to be, for me or Megan, things will get messy," Kyle tells him. We all know Terence loves when things get a little messy! 

Deann tries, unsuccessfully, to be the voice of reason with Megan later, but her mind is pretty much made up. "Laying all your cards on the table like that. That was stupid, Megan. Impulsive…You've drawn a line in the sand and made it impossible for us to work together on anything," Deann scolds her. 

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"It's time someone drew that line. It's time we all picked a side," Megan tells her. 

With Terence finally out of the picture and Megan's career on track, she just needs to ensure Aaron and Julie are settled in and safe at their new location. Sound too easy? Yeah, that's because it was. Megan soon learns that Aaron and Julie are nowhere to be found. 

Naturally she calls Terence and finds out that someone leaked the location, and of course, she believes that it had to be Kyle. Even though he denies it, Megan is through with his lies. "I choose you. When you said that to me, it was like everything I wanted to hear, and that is so weak and pathetic that I would think that you would actually choose me over him," Megan tells him. 

"We're getting married tomorrow!" Kyle calls after her. "Tell me what I can do to fix this?" 

"You can't," Megan responds before leaving Kyle alone on the eve of their wedding. 

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