Tina Fey on 30 Rock Revival Rumors She Helped Spread: Will It Be a Prequel or Dystopian Future Full of Robot Sex?

Could Liz Lemon be making her return to NBC?

By Chris Harnick Apr 20, 2018 1:24 PMTags

Tina Fey is here to put some rumors to rest. Sort of.

The Mean Girls writer and creator and star of 30 Rock stopped by The Tonight Show and addressed those 30 Rock revival/reboot rumors. The rumors, which seemed to start when NBC's Bob Greenblatt said he has had conversations with Fey about bringing Liz Lemon and Co. back and were furthered when Jane Krakowski said there was talk about a return to Studio 6H. Fey herself indicated she would "maybe" be interested in a 30 Rock revival while at the Mean Girls Broadway opening.

"A little bit of that is on me," Fey said. "Like, I must be so thirsty for internet attention that I was like, ‘Maybe.'"

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But, "Who knows," Fey said about bringing 30 Rock back. "Robert Carlock and I, we would never do a straight reboot because that would be too easy…We're trying to think of a way to do something. Should we do a prequel that's like Muppet Babies? Or, like, set in a dystopian future where there's a lot of robot sex?"

Fey seems to be considering a return of sorts, but nothing concrete is set.

Greenblatt previously told Deadline about his conversations with Fey about returning to the world of 30 Rock. "I'd say to Tina ‘Hey, you think some more 30 Rock makes any sense?' She'd say, 'I don't know maybe,'" he told Deadline.

However, in October, Fey told TVInsider, "It's so tempting, but I think it would be really hard. I'd like them to air the original episodes in primetime again, because nobody saw them the first time anyway."

Maybe the successes of Roseanne and Will & Grace have swayed Fey? Murphy Brown is also poised to make a comeback in the 2018-2019 season. Could 30 Rock be far behind?

Do you want to see a 30 Rock revival?

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