Scandal finally, finally returns for its final season tomorrow, and stars Darby Stanchfield and Katie Lowes are here with a list of ways to prepare yourself.

"Well they should definitely watch the last season again," Lowes told us back in August when there was still time to do such a thing. "I just did that for Game of Thrones. It was the best. I highly recommend it." 

"Especially the last episode, like leading into this. Mellie's inauguration!" Stanchfield adds in the video above. 

"Tweet us. Tell us you're excited," says Lowes. "Get your thumbs warmed up." 

"October 5th, so get your snacks in order and get your phone charged up," advises Stanchfield.

"Get that popcorn. Get that wine. Get all that stocked up. Tell your friends, because it's more fun to watch at a party," says Lowes. "You can play that Scandal game, and every single time David Rosen says, 'I'm the attorney general of the United States,' you drink." 

Of course, as Darby reminds us, this is the last year to even have a Scandal watch party. Season seven will be the show's last, and it begins with pretty much everything having changed. 

"It's a real sort of changing of the guard this season with there being a new administration," Stanchfield teases. "We pick up to 100th day in [Mellie Grant's] administration in the first episode, and Olivia Pope is running B613, which was always her arch enemy! ... So you get a new Olivia Pope, you get a new administration, there's a new crisis management firm!" 



"I think Quinn Perkins and Associates is better than Olivia Pope and Associates," Lowes jokes. "Right now Quinn Perkins and Associates is struggling." 

"No one trusts Quinn Perkins and Associates," she laments. "It doesn't just have that ring that Olivia Pope and Associates had." 

"Not only do people not trust Quinn Perkins, nobody knows who Quinn Perkins is, so..." 

"Well that's because she used to be Lindsey Dwyer! She's also pregnant. It's all very confusing." 

Lowes is pregnant both in real life and on the show, and says that Kerry Washington was the "biggest inspiration and role model to just being a badass working mom." Watch the video above for more from Katie and Darby! 

Scandal premieres tomorrow at 9 p.m. on ABC. 

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