You're Doing It Wrong: Treating Acne Breakouts

Nicole Richie has the solution to your blemishes

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Waking up to an awkwardly placed, red pimple is the worst. 

Hormonal shifts, too much dairy or sodium, sleeping in makeup—no matter the cause (which you can determine based on your blemish's location), the result is equally frustrating. If you're Nicole Richie, moisturizer and concealer are the solutions.

"...I let my skin breathe. I'm all about a moisturizer, not foundation," the style and beauty icon told Coveteur. "If I have a little spot that needs tending to, just a little dab of concealer and that's it."

To treat the breakout, she doesn't use drying products, contrary to popular belief. "Now I heard, and I tend to believe this, that if you dry out a pimple, it sends a message to your skin that it needs to produce more oil," she exclusively shared with E! News. "SO, what you actually should do is moisturize and do what you're normally doing and then it balances out and goes away."

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The celeb uses Biologique Recherche P50, diluted with water, to hydrate and exfoliate her skin. The product is a cult favorite that's somewhere in between a moisturizer and a toner. So although it has cleansing properties, it doesn't dry out the skin. 

This isn't the first time that we've been told to avoid drying agents. Celebrity dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe made a case for double cleansing as a way to avoid blemishes: "It seems counterintuitive to cleanse your oily skin with oil," she told us. "However, it is actually one of the best ways to remove the excess makeup, sebum, and buildup on your face without stripping your skin!"

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For the full Nicole-inspired look, pair your flawless skin with concealer (if needed) and Troublemaker Mascara, from her collaboration with Urban Decay. "Every day I don't wear makeup. So, if I'm going to do anything, [it's] under-eye concealer and a little mascara, because the eyes are the first thing people look at, so you want to look alive."


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