This Mini Beauty and Mini Beast Meeting Emma Watson and Dan Stevens Is the Cutest Thing You'll Watch All Day

Two young Disney fans come face-to-face with the film's stars

By Kendall Fisher Mar 29, 2017 9:38 PMTags
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There's nothing cuter than kids dressing up as the characters in their favorite Disney film...Unless they're dressed up and meeting the real stars of the film!

Such was the case when a mini Belle and a mini Beast got the chance to interview Beauty and the Beast's Emma Watson and Dan Stevens

The two kids came dressed up in character so well that the two stars couldn't help but gasp over how good they looked.

"You look wonderful," Stevens said. "Now where did you get those [costumes]?" To which the mini Belle adorably responded, "I don't know. They just gave them to me!"

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After the giggles subsided, the young girl kicked off the interview with her No. 1 question for Watson: What was is like playing Belle?

"Oh, it was like my childhood dream come true. She was one of my absolute favorites, and I watched the film a million times, over and over and over again as a child," Watson gushed. "So to get to wear the dress and sing the songs and be part of it was just amazing."

Speaking of the dress, the actress and her co-star also couldn't help but give the young girl a high-five over her choice to wear boots with her Belle gown.

"That's very your Belle," Stevens told Watson, referencing the actress' determination to make Belle a feminist role model. "It's a mixture of your beautiful princess dress but with very cool, practical boots. That's very on-point," he added.

The conversation concluded when both Stevens and Watson agreed they both loved their costumes and that they were way more nervous to sing than to act in the film.

"It was the first time Dan and I have ever done that in a film before, so we were both quite nervous," Watson explained.

Obviously, their singing skills were a hit despite their nerves. In less than one week, the live-action remake of Disney's Beauty and the Beast surpassed the box office sales of the original 1991 film.

As of last week, the current domestic total for the film was standing at an impressive $219 million. That stat makes it a record breaker for yet another reason: it's only the fifth film in history to earn over $200 million domestically in the course of five days.

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