How to Get Away With Murder, Jack Falahee


Jack Falahee knows that the reveal in last week's episode of How to Get Away With Murder that Connor was in Annalise's house the night it burned down, apparently attempting to administer CPR to an unconscious Wes, cast some suspicion on his character. After all, if he wasn't involved in Wes' death, why would he have been keeping this under wraps all this time?

That said, the actor's got a pretty logical argument for why you might want to rule Connor out as the murderer heading into tonight's two-hour season finale.

"There's been a lot of floater theories that Connor somehow killed Wes and immediately regretted it and tried to do CPR," Falahee told reporters at a press screening of the finale. "I mean, sure. I guess. Worst murderer ever!"

"I try not to go on social media unless I'm doing it for work because I think it's melting my brain, but I was on Snapchat...and I start getting all these snaps from people and they're like, 'I hate Connor so much! You killed Wes,'" he added. "And I was like, 'What? Why are people--Oh yeah, of course. It's Friday, the show was on last night. Everyone thinks you killed Wes.' So, you know, there's been a lot of comments here and there about people being dismayed about that. But I'm confused why people are jumping to that conclusion when the preview...clearly shows him doing CPR on Wes. If anything, it would be like, 'You're a hero! You tried to save Wes!'"

Falahee did admit, though, that the reveal was as much of a shock to him as it was to the fans watching at home. "I was very, very, very, very surprised when I found out that Connor was in the house...given how I had played his emotional state up until that reveal," he admitted.

Do you think Connor had a hand in Wes' demise? Or are you buying what Jack is selling? Let us know who you think killed poor Waitlist in the comments below!

How to Get Away With Murder wraps up season three with a two-hour finale beginning at a special time, 9 p.m., tonight on ABC.

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