Amy Schumer has been going to New York City's Hayden Planetarium to learn about the universe her whole life. Now, she made worlds collide by meeting the museum's director, Neil deGrasse Tyson, all the while eating space food in a NASA suit (obviously).ft;">For no apparent reason whatsoever (other than to make us smile) the comedienne sat down with the astrophysicist to talk briefly about some space-y things, including Schumer's intrigue over yeast.

After sharing a Lady and the Tramp moment over a piece of space food, Tyson allowed Schumer to touch a part of a meteorite and proved he has some jokes himself.

"OK, so you're now sterile," he told her, laughing as he took the chunk of iron and nickel back. 

"I was already," Schumer responded. "Come on, we both know I'm barren."

Tyson went on to explain how the meteorite fell to the earth at 20 miles per second, which he revealed could smash Schumer's head "into a pile of goo" if it fell from the ceiling.

The pair went on to discuss the movie Arrival—based upon aliens coming to earth—as well as Schumer's questions about how science has impacted her life, especially regarding yeast.

"Do you know we have 40% identical DNA in common with the yeast cell?" Tyson asked, before Schumer laughed, "I think I have a little more!"

Watch the full hilarious encounter in the video above!

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