Amy Schumer, Ellen DeGeneres

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

One of Amy Schumer's dreams came true when she was able to make a movie with her "idol" Goldie Hawn. Little did she know, however, that she'd also be able to check something else off her bucket list.

While appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Monday, the Trainwreck star tells host Ellen DeGeneres about how working with Goldie allowed her to spend some time with Kate Hudson. While the trio was taking a break from filming, Goldie and Kate asked Amy if she wanted to go swimming with dolphins. Naturally, the comedienne obliged but got more than she bargained for when paparazzi photographed them.

"High up on the list was to be photographed in a bathing suit next to Kate Hudson," Amy jokes. "That was really cool, and Goldie also looks fab. She's in her 70s!"

The Inside Amy Schumer star jokes that she was the awkward friend that no one wanted around. "I'm the friend, 'Amy will take the pictures,'" she says of a pap photo that caught her snapping a picture of Kate and her mom. "That's me. That's not like a guy in the front of the boat."

Ellen is in stitches while hearing all about Amy's time with Goldie and Fabletics founder Kate, but the conversation takes a more serious tone when Amy opens up about the body shaming she experienced when news broke that she was in talks to play Barbie. Not one to take criticism lying down, Amy responded on Instagram with a powerful statement, which she mentions on Ellen.

"I, you know, there was an announcement I might star in this movie playing. I won't say the name, but it rhymes with Shmarbie. And of course there was a headline that was like, 'Water Is Wet and Amy Schumer is Being Trolled By…' you know. So a bunch of times throughout my career, people have been like you're too fat or just, I've been, you know, bullied," she tells Ellen. "And what's cool is, from being in the public eye for this long, is people—first of all, you build up a thicker skin from it and then you're like wait a minute, no. I look in the mirror and I know who I am and I feel beautiful, and I feed strong and sexy. And it doesn't matter."

Amy continues, "It doesn't matter what, you know, and the people I think online trolling are in more pain that we can possible imagine. And I just, you know, for women of all ages there's no one too young or too old to understand. It never stops and it really has to be about knowing who you are. And like everyday I look in the mirror and I'm like, 'I can work with this bitch.'"

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