Viola Davis Promises a HTGAWM Season 3 Mystery "So Big & So Unbelievable" No One Can Figure It Out

How to Get Away With Murder creator Pete Nowalk says it's the "biggest one yet"

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Watch: Viola Davis: Mystery to Be Revealed on "HTGAWM" Season 3

How to Get Away With Murder might be taking its cues from The Bachelor, because, much like Chris Harrison's claims that each week's Bachelor episode will be the most dramatic one yet, both star Viola Davis and creator Pete Nowalk tell E! News that the mystery Annalise Keating and her law student interns will have to solve in HTGAWM season three will be bigger than ever.

"There's going to be a new mystery and you're not going to have to wait long to find out what that is. The first domino was Lila getting killed, so it all stems from there. A leads to B leads to C, and I think we're probably at D at this point and it's going to be the biggest one yet," Nowalk told us at ABC's summer TCA party on Thursday.

And Davis told us earlier that day that "a mystery is going to be revealed in the first episode that is so big and so unbelievable I just think it's going to cost everyone something."

How ominous!

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"Every time I pick up a script, especially the first script of the season, I'm always shocked," Davis teased.

While the cast has been able to crack past seasons' mysteries, they're all stumped this year. "We have been sitting on set, all of us, in different groups, and just talking about the mystery that's going to be revealed. We cannot figure it out! Last year we could figure it out, especially Alfie Enoch," she revealed, adding, "They are just highly intelligent kids. But this year, cannot figure it out!"

Press play on the video above to find out more about Annalise's relationship with Wes, her biggest pet peeve, and whether the Keating 5 or the Suicide Squad are harder to manage. (Spoiler alert: The group with the cannibal crocodile might be a bit more difficult to wrangle.)

How to Get Away With Murder season three premieres Thursday, Sept. 22 on ABC.

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