5 Things You Missed in Michelle Obama's Carpool Karaoke

James Corden and his guests couldn't get anything by us

By Francesca Bacardi Jul 21, 2016 12:49 PMTags

While we couldn't keep our eyes off of FLOTUS while she was bringing down the house car with James Corden and Missy Elliott in the latest Carpool Karaoke, we did re-watch the awesome segment to see what viewers may or may not have missed while watching Michelle Obama rocking out to "Single Ladies."

While (almost) everyone was buckled up for safety—Missy never used her seatbelt, but we can't blame her because she really got into her performance—Corden, Obama and Elliott went for a "tour" of the White House, but while they were taking in the views of the Rose Garden and Oval Office, we were keeping our eyes on the little details, and here is what we discovered that you might have missed:

1. The car was driving in circles: This was probably an obvious choice for security's sake, but Corden drives his car around and around the same circular driveway the entire time. How did they not get dizzy?!.

2. At some point they hit bad weather: For the first five minutes, the car appears dry despite the gray skies. But around the 5:19 mark it becomes clear that Corden and co. hit some rain because the windows are covered with water droplets. We can only hope they managed to stay dry once it was over, unless it just happened to be a sprinkler they came across. In any case, stay dry!

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3. They had a tail: Once again probably for security's sake, Corden's car was tailed by a black security vehicle the entire time. Keeping its distance, the security team would make an appearance every so often as they went around a bend.

4. This is not White House tour protocol: If you're actually going on a White House tour, you cannot drive up to the president's house. According to WhiteHouse.gov, civilians are highly recommended to take public transportation because parking isn't available near the White House, so Corden just driving into the gates is not legitimate! As FLOTUS put it, he's a "special guest."

5. The segment starts out differently from every other episode: Typically, Corden calls a celebrity pal to ask him or her to ride along on his way to work so he can either use the carpool lane or not be bored while sitting in traffic. This time, however, Corden drove up to the White house and pretended to be going on one of the scheduled tours. Not only did he begin his segment differently but he also drove to his guest! That's just one of the perks of being first lady, we suppose.

Did you notice anything else? Sound off in the comments!

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