Hilary Duff is one proud mama and is loving watching her son Luca grow up.

The 28-year-old Younger actress and Lizzie McGuire alum shares custody of the 4-year-old with ex-husband Mike Comrie. Luca is the former couple's only child.

"Every age has always obviously been great. It does get better and better," Duff told E! News exclusively. "Four's a little tough, not gonna lie."

"There's been a few challenges but he's, I guess how well he communicates and how funny he is and getting to see his imagination just kind of go wild, like when he's playing with his toys and I am cooking dinner or I'm hanging back and not necessarily like, all up in his business, to hear the stories he comes up with with his toys, it's so imaginative," she continued. "It makes me like, so proud. I'm like, 'Oh my gosh, what's going on inside that little head of yours?' It's so sweet. He's really like, a kind boy, so I'm very lucky."

She also said the two like to play-wrestle together, adding, "I have just as many bruises on my body as him."

We are so proud of this boy!

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Duff said Luca recently spent time with his father and in summer camp. She told E! News she is excited for her son to stay with her this summer in New York, where she films Younger.

Also during the interview, Duff talked about her new partnership with Stella Artois and its "Host One Night to Remember" summer campaign.

"I love hosting parties at my house," she said. "I love cooking, creating memorable things for people to take home, so they let me co-curate this party with them."

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