Inside Out


You know that part in every Pixar movie where everything gets really dark and depressing and you just want to curl up into a ball and cry until you pass out? But then Pixar movies always get that happy ending, and your tears of grief move to tears of joy! And that rollercoaster of emotion is exactly what makes Pixar films truly torturous unique. 

But what if movies like Inside Out or Finding Nemo ended directly after the most depressing part in the movie? That sounds truly upsetting, right? Well, if you ever wanted to find out what that looks like, YouTube user Chris Huebs just uploaded a supercut of Pixar films ending right after the saddest scene.

Bing Bong's big heroic moment in Inside Out. Jessie's horrible backstory in Toy Story 2. Sulley leaving behind Boo in Monsters, Inc. These are all the hardest scenes to watch in those films, but now we can truly appreciate them because at least the movie didn't end immediately after those devastating moments! 

So if you dare, watch how Pixar movies would look if they had really dark, depressing endings in the montage above. If you get upset, try and remember that Jessie has a new home now, Sulley reunites with Boo and Marlin has an adorable son named Nemo. And then sit under your desk and cry because these emotions are all just. Too. MUCH.

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