17 Disney Moments That Never Fail to Make You Sob Like a Tiny Baby

Why do we have to watch animals suffer in every single childhood film?!

By Jenna Mullins Jun 22, 2015 5:00 PMTags
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Why do you hate animals and parents so much, Disney?!

WARNING: spoilers (duh) and very, very sad GIFs ahead. A maybe(?) spoiler for Pixar's latest film, Inside Out, is at the very bottom. Just giving you all a heads up.

1. Bambi's mother is killed by a hunter, Bambi

Disney started their theme of traumatic animal plots very early on. Bambi is basically on everyone's list of most upsetting Disney movies ever.

2. Shadow falls into a hole, Homeward Bound

Yes, he does eventually make it out of the hole and back home, but dear lord, when he just gives up and lays down in the mud? The agony is too much to bear.

3. Mufasa's death, The Lion King

While the death itself is very sad, it's seeing Simba begging his father to get up that really just twists the knife in your heart. Oh, and then Simba curls up under his dad's lifeless paw, which is right about when we start going blind from the tears.

4. Widow Tweed abandons Tod in the woods, The Fox and the Hound

We can't even talk about this one. We sobbed making this GIF. That's all you need to know.

5. Ellie and Carl's tale, Up

Up tells a better love story in the first 10 minutes than Twilight does in five films. But it's a horribly depressing love story. Ellie finds out she's infertile and then Carl has to watch her die later in life. F--k you, Disney.

6. Triton takes Ariel's place, The Little Mermaid

After all the crap Ariel puts her father through, he ends up sacrificing himself to Ursula to save his daughter and he becomes a shriveled old sea plant. And Ariel has to watch it happen.

7. "When She Loved Me" montage, Toy Story 2

Sarah McLachlan, you already torture us enough with your ASPCA commercials, and then you went ahead and provided the haunting soundtrack to Jesse's tale of abandonment? You're the worst.

8. Trusty is hit by a car, Lady and the Tramp

We can still hear Jock's tormented howl as he sees his friend lying motionless in the street.

9. "Baby Mine," Dumbo

We will never get over Dumbo's mom reaching through the bars to cradle her son. Never.

10. The barracuda attack, Finding Nemo

Not only do we lose Nemo's mom (Disney is always killing off parents!), but Marlin loses almost all his children in the most gruesome fashion.

11. Maleficent loses her wings, Maleficent

Maleficent is betrayed by the one man she truly loved, and in the most devastating way possible. Not only does he trick her and drug her, but he chops off her wings in an almost unwatchable scene.

12. Quasimodo is crowned the King of Fools, The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Obviously going to something called the Festival of Fools wasn't the best idea for Quasimodo, but that doesn't make the humiliation scene any less nauseating. Especially when he begs for his master to help him, who of course just sits there like the a--hole he is. Just awful. We couldn't even bring ourselves to GIF the more brutal parts of this moment.

13. Gurgi's sacrifice, The Black Cauldron 

Gurgi, nooooooooo! If he wasn't brought back to life in the end, we would have sworn off his movie forever.

14. The incinerator, Toy Story 3

The toys. Holding hands. Facing their doom together. So. Much. Sobbing.

15. Lewis' trip to the orphanage, Meet the Robinsons

Lewis travels back in time to watch his mom drop him off at the orphanage. And he almost, almost stops her. But then he pulls back and simply watches as his mother leaves him behind. Deep, dark stuff from Disney. This ranks as a Sophie's Choice on the heartbreak scale.

16. Travis shoots Old Yeller, Old Yeller 

The original, unbearably sad animal movie scene. It came out more than 50 years ago, and all these decades later, it's still impossible to watch without crying until your eyes are raw.

17. Inside Out's Bing Bong storyline

No spoilers here except: "Take her to the moon for me."

OK, now that we're all nice and depressed, let's have a great rest of the day! 

Just kidding, here are some animal GIFs to cheer you up:

What do you think is the most depressing, dark and damaging Disney movie moment ever? To us, nothing beats Tod's abandonment in Fox and the Hound, so don't try and argue with us.

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