Emily Blunt on How The Devil Wears Prada Affected Her Career Path, Why She Stays Off Social Media

Actress opens up about her kick start into the industry

By Kendall Fisher Dec 11, 2015 8:17 PMTags
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Emily Blunt may be taking on one of the darkest, most critically-acclaimed performances of her career with Sicario, but that doesn't mean she's forgotten where it all started.

In chatting with Vulture about her acting career and the path it's taken, she agrees that The Devil Wears Prada was definitely her "big break" in Hollywood, but there's also another lesser-known role that came right before that.

"Definitely The Devil Wears Prada, but there was a film before that called My Summer of Love, which I think brought me into the conversation," she tells the publication. "It was such a weird little film, but the one where I learned the most because I hadn't trained at all."

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She continues, "Then Devil was the film everyone loved and saw, so it had a huge impact on my career. It helped reveal a certain part of me; I wasn't just the ingenue or the English rose. It helped me be seen as a character actor, which is what I'd always wanted."

One of her favorite things about the chick flick was that it kicked off a new wave for funny women in film and ladies in general.

"The film still has such legs to it. And men love it, too," she explains. "I don't think any of us realized what it was going to be when we were shooting it. Now there's a new wave of these films. This is the time for the chicks!"

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Blunt believes that part of her success in her career is keeping the public out of her private life so they are able to believe her throughout these types of vastly different roles.

"I'm like a dinosaur with [social media], No. 1. But it's also not really an organic sort of fit for me," she elaborates. "I can barely remember to text people back! I also feel that my job is to persuade people that I'm somebody else, so if I reveal too much, then I'm doing my job a disservice, in a way."

And this type of mindset is prevalent throughout her life, in general, which is why she has a sense of normalcy beyond the lights of Hollywood.

"It's about a balance," she reveals. "I really am in love with this job, but I'm also in love with my life outside of it. One of them very much feeds the other."

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