Taylor Lautner

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for St. Jude

Taylor Lautner doesn't know how they do it, but Twilight fans seem to find him no matter where he is.

"Some people found me in my hometown—at the mall!" Lautner told me the other day during a whirlwind press tour for the movie. "They were like, Yeah, we've gotten autographs from every one of the castmembers except you."

Lautner, 16, plays Jacob Black in the flick, out Nov. 21. For those who don't know by now, Twilight centers around high schooler Bella Swan (Into the Wild's Kristen Stewart) who falls in love with Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), a fellow classmate who happens to be a vampire. Jacob's a friend who first tells Bella about Edward's bloodsucking background.

Sure, snagging a role in one of this year's most anticipated movies is pretty sweet, but it got even better for Lautner when he found out he'd be wearing a wig because his character has long black hair...

"I thought, how cool! I've never worn a wig before. This is going to be awesome," said Lautner, who played Christian Slater's son in the just-canceled freshman television series My Own Worst Enemy. "But after the first day of filming, I was through with it. It was itchy and always in my face."

There's been no official announcement, but like everyone else involved, Lautner is more confident than ever that we'll seeing more of Meyer's four-book series turned into movies by director Catherine Hardwicke.

And Lautner is really jonesing for the third, Eclipse. "It's my favorite because it's a love triangle, where all three [Bella, Edward and Jacob] are together," Lautner explained. "Bella is so lost and confused. It's like, Who's the guy for me? Is it Edward my love or is it Jacob my best friend?"

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