Twilight’s Taylor Lautner Reveals Whether He’d Ever Want to Play Jacob Again

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Twilight alum Taylor Lautner revealed whether he would be willing step back into the role of Jacob Black again. Find out his hair-raising answer.

August 26, 2022


Ian Somerhalder Says Vampire Diaries "Rode on the Coattails" of Nikki Reed's Twilight Films

Vampire Diaries' Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley look back at the TV series in an exclusive interview with E! News. Find out why Ian partially credits Twilight for the show's success.

August 24, 2022

Did Taylor Swift Almost Appear in The Twilight Saga: New Moon? Director Says...

In a new podcast interview, The Twilight Saga: New Moon director Chris Weitz alleged he had been approached about having Taylor Swift make a cameo in the 2009 movie but that he said no.

August 17, 2022

Did Taylor Swift Almost Appear in The Twilight Saga?

"The Twilight Saga: New Moon" director Chris Weitz alleges he was approached about having Taylor Swift make a cameo in the 2009 movie. Take a look!

August 17, 2022

Get a Spooky First Look at Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities

Guillermo del Toro, director of The Shape of Water and Pan's Labyrinth, is here to infiltrate your nightmares again. Get the details about his new project Cabinet of Curiosities.

August 15, 2022

Twilight's Kellan Lutz and Wife Brittany Welcome Baby Boy: Find Out His Name

Twilight actor Kellan Lutz and wife Brittany are now the proud parents of "2 under 2." Find out more about their new baby.

August 15, 2022

Ashley Greene Reveals the Lesson About Motherhood She's Taken From Twilight's Bella Swan

It won't be long until Ashley Greene and Paul Khoury welcome their first child together. But first, see what the Twilight alum has to say about the bond between Bella Swan and Renesmee Cullen.

August 3, 2022

Taylor Lautner's Fiancée Taylor Dome Makes a Loca Confession About Her Twilight Allegiance

Taylor Lautner’s fiancée Taylor Dome made a hilarious video where she joked about her former Twilight childhood crush—and it wasn’t his character, Jacob Black.

July 1, 2022

Lily Anne Harrison Is Pregnant, Expecting First Baby With Peter Facinelli

The Vanished star Lily Anne Harrison confirmed she is expecting her first child with fiancé Peter Facinelli in a June 25 Instagram post. Find out the tasteful way she shared the news below.

June 25, 2022


Peter Facinelli Shares Father's Day Gift Picks Your Dad Will Appreciate

Twilight alum Peter Facinelli participates in our Father's Day Q&A and explains why he relates to Dr. Cullen.

June 5, 2022

See Taylor Lautner's Priceless Reaction to His Sister's Pregnancy Reveal

Just call him Uncle T! Taylor Lautner's sister Makena Moore and her husband Jacob Moore are expecting a baby. Watch the moment the Twilight star learned she’s pregnant.

May 18, 2022

Watch Olivia Rodrigo & Conan Gray Hilariously Reenact Twilight Scene

Olivia Rodrigio took a break from her Sour world tour to film a hilarious Twilight-inspired TikTok video with her friend Conan Gray.

April 9, 2022

Ashley Greene Admits to Having a Crush on This Twilight Co-Star

While chatting on the Twilight Effect podcast, Ashley Greene revealed the Twilight co-star that she developed feelings for on set. Find out who it is below!

April 8, 2022

Did Twilight Co-Stars Kellan Lutz and Nikki Reed Date IRL? He Says...

Twilight star Kellan Lutz got candid about his real-life connection with his onscreen love interest Nikki Reed, who he described as “really, really special.”

April 1, 2022

Twilight, Euphoria and More Casts Reunite in Must-See Oscars Photos

The casts of Twilight, Big Little Lies and more fan-favorite shows and movies reunited at the 2022 Oscars ceremony and after-parties. See the pics here!

March 28, 2022

Twilight's Ashley Greene Is Pregnant, Expecting First Baby With Husband Paul Khoury

Ashley Greene is going to be a mom! The Twilight actress and her husband Paul Khoury are expecting their first baby together. All the pregnancy details below.

March 25, 2022

Watch Twilight's Kellan Lutz and Wife Brittany's "Roller Coaster" of a Sex Reveal for Baby No. 2

Kellan Lutz's elaborate sex reveal had wife Brittany Lutz counting over a hundred pink and blue coins to find out if they'll be welcoming a boy or girl to the family.

February 17, 2022

Robert Pattinson Shares the Harry Potter and Twilight Connection You Totally Missed

In a new interview with GQ, Robert Pattinson explained how Twilight and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire share one thing in a common—a very dramatic entrance!

February 9, 2022

Robert Pattinson Makes Rare Comment About His Relationship With Girlfriend Suki Waterhouse

Twilight star and incoming Batman Robert Pattinson shared details on the dynamic of his relationship with Suki Waterhouse, even when avoiding fans.

February 9, 2022


Taylor Lautner Shares Why His Fiancée "Didn't Say Hi" to Robert Pattinson on a Plane Once

Where have you been, locas—Taylor Lautner is getting married! Read on to see if his former Twilight co-stars are on the invite list to his nuptials with fiancée Tay Dome.

February 4, 2022


You've Been Saying Taylor Lautner’s Name Wrong All Along

If you imprinted on Taylor Lautner as a teen, you wouldn't be the only one. Nearly 15 years after the first Twilight movie, the actor revealed to E! News the correct way to pronounce his name.

February 4, 2022