He might not be No.1 in the polls, but Lindsey Graham is officially at the top of our list of Best Political Drop-the-Mic Comebacks. 

In Donald Trump's quest to pick on a different Republican presidential candidate every day (and there are a lot of them), with former Texas governor Rick Perry being his new target today, we are still talking about Trump's hilariously bizarre (and quite dickish) move yesterday revealing personal information about the longtime senator of South Carolina.

Yesterday at a rally in Graham's home state, Trump defended himself after Graham called him a "jackass" for his comments regarding Sen. John McCain by revealing Graham's cell phone number. "Give it a shot," chided Trump for everyone to give the number a ring. 

This led Graham to tweet "Probably getting a new phone. iPhone or Android?"

Now Graham is having the last laugh.

In the short minute-long clip, we see the presidential hopeful take his flip phone (yes, flip phone) on an epic journey of being pulverized by a meat cleaver, tossed off a building, thrown in a blender with Red Bull, doused with lighter fluid and smashed with a cement block.

"Or if all else fails, you can always give your number to The Donald. This one is for all the veterans," he adds at the end of the video as he chucks his phone presumably against the wall.  

So far Trump hasn't responded to Graham's video on his Twitter, but we are sure it is probably only a matter of time before he chastises him for his choice of lighting, background or shot selection. You know, because The Donald is the best at everything, even comeback videos. 

Trump did tweet that he heard a "failing" New York newspaper plans on publishing his cell phone number, which only got us giddy for what would happen next.  

Could Donald Trump be forced out of the presidential race? He doesn't seem to think so.

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