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UPDATE: Ask and ye shall receive! Feig tweeted a picture of the cast clad in full uniform in front of the Ecto-1 and with their proton packs! Check out the pic below!


Suit up!

The new cast of Ghostbusters have been spotted in full uniform, and they are everything. Although Paul Feig recently tweeted a photo of the uniforms hanging up, appearing ready to be worn by the cast, seeing Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, Kristin Wiig and Kate McKinnon donning the suits is a much better look!

What's interesting is that the suits' right sleeves are missing the official Ghostbusters logo that appear in Feig's tweeted picture, so what does this mean?! Has the female-centric cast not received official ghost-busting accreditation yet? Did they change the design of the suits? Give us more information please!

Ghostbusters, Twit Pic, Paul Feig

Paul Feig/Twitter

Now all we need is to see the gals dressed in uniform inside the Ecto-1 car!

Spy star McCarthy was spotted dressed in uniform once before, which was another awesome tease from the set. Thankfully, Feig is keeping fans in the loop by continuously revealing tidbits from the highly anticipated remake, including a close look at the proton packs.

"#whatyougonnashoot," he captioned the weapons.

Other photos of the ladies onset in Boston have shown them in various different getups, including Wiig wearing a frumpy businesswoman costume that consists of a matching jacket and skirt. McCarthy and McKinnon dressed completely differently, with the Gilmore Girls alum wearing all black and McKinnon wearing paint-splattered boots and goggles.

The outfits alone are already making us giggle!

As if all of these nuggets weren't enough, it was also revealed that Chris Hemsworth has joined the cast as the ladies' receptionist. As if this movie couldn't get any better!

Although there are some obvious differences between this version and the original, there are some striking similarities as well. But Feig confessed to E! News that there is one part of the film he doesn't know how to tackle just yet: the famous theme song.

"It's such an iconic thing that part of you goes, 'I don't want to change it,' but then another part of you wants to update it," the filmmaker explained. "It's one of the biggest questions we're faced with."

Feig's Ghostbusters has been given a July 22, 2016 release date.

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