April Fools' Day might be over, but we're not quite done with the foolin'.

Outlander returns in just two days, and we caught up with the cast at the New York premiere to get their help with bringing you some Outlander scoop with an April Fools' twist. We asked cast members Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan, Tobias Menzies, Lotte Verbeek, Graham McTavish, Gary Lewis, and Starz CEO Chris Albrecht to give us one truth and one lie about the rest of the season, and now it's your turn to guess which ones are which!

Some might seem easy, but don't be fooled: it's not as easy as it looks. Those actors are skilled at not giving things away. Plus, we threw in two of our own, just to make it even trickier, and one spoiler was given as both a truth and a lie. (We never told you this was fair!) 

As a second challenge, try to figure out which spoiler came from which actor (or CEO). Those answers can be found below! 

1. "Murtagh and Claire go on the road as a sort of musical double act where Murtagh dances and Claire sings."
2. "As sexy as you thought the wedding scene is, there's sexier stuff to come."
3. "Sex in a lake."
4. "Claire brings life into the world."
5. "Somebody (a main character) is gonna die."
6. "Geillis murders Mrs. Fitzgibbons."
7. "We'll never see what we saw in 'The Wedding' again."
8. "Black Jack apologizes."
9. "Jamie dies."
10. "Somebody's going to get terribly pregnant."
11. "Claire becomes a showgirl."
12. "Dougal is banished by his brother."
13. "Somebody throws a big party."
14. "Black Jack Randall turns out to be a nice guy in the end."
15. "Laoghaire succeeds in getting rid of an obstacle towards Jamie." 

Scroll past this nice picture to find out who's responsible for which spoiler and to discuss your answers in the comments. 

Then, tune into Starz on Saturdays at 9 p.m. to find out if you got it right! 

Outlander, Sam Heughan


1. Tobias 2. Chris 3. E! 4. Caitriona 5. Lotte 6. Graham 7. Sam 8. Tobias 9. Sam 10. Lotte 11. Caitriona 12. Graham 13. E! 14. Chris 15. Gary

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