The Agents of SHIELD, The Things We Bury


Tonight on TV, Agents of SHIELD did a whole bunch of things, and The Flash finally got his name. Meanwhile, Supernatural did it with the candlestick in the library while Mindy made us cringe with embarrassment.  All that and more in tonight's Rants and Raves!

RANT: Agents of SHIELD: So many great things are going on, but the fact that they're all going on at once is sort of preventing this show from really being the show we want it to be. It's so close, but we'd just like a little more focus. That said, everything that is happening is super cool, and the ‘40s flashbacks are only making us way more excited for the upcoming Agent Carter.

RAVE: Agents of SHIELD: Adrianne Palicki is just a dream we never want to stop having.

RANT: Agents of SHIELD: We're fairly sure any hopes of Ward redeeming himself died with the murder of his brother and parents. Now he's working with Whitehall and the Doctor, and we trust basically none of those people, though we are very interested in seeing what the hell the Doctor is up to with Skye (and the woman who is seemingly her mother?). 

The Flash, The Flash is Born


RANT: The Flash: Is it bad that we barely even realized the Flash wasn't officially called the Flash yet? Our only defense is that we watch a lot of television and might have gotten sidetracked by the fact that the show is called The Flash. Whatever. Thanks to Barry sorta kinda suggesting it to Iris, who then changed the name of her blog, the Streak is no more. Now if we could just get Iris to finally recognize her best childhood friend through his vibrating face, this show could really get on the road.

RAVE: The Flash: We totally echoed Cisco's fist-pumping sentiment with regards to that sonic punch, which required Barry to be five miles away from his steely-faced target (and his former childhood bully!) to get enough of a running start. It was awesome.

RAVE: The Flash: Wells is definitely shady, but is he murderously shady (or, more murderously shady than we thought he was)? Joe certainly seemed to think so for a minute as he questioned the doctor about Norah Allen's murder, and now we're extra interested so find out the answer to this mystery – especially with that mysterious man in the yellow suit stealing case files and leaving ominous "stop or else" messages accompanied by a daggered picture of Iris in Joe's office.

RAVE: Supernatural: We say "yes please!" to any and all Clue homages, and this one was a lot of fun. Ghosts and shapeshifters will definitely be incorporated into our next family boardgame night. 

The Mindy Project, Diary of a Mad Indian Woman


RANT: The Mindy Project: Any time a character reads another character's diary, our middle school selves still go into extreme panic. It ended well tonight, but just know for the future, Dannys of the world: Diary reading is never, ever a good idea. Also, Mindy's making proposal ultimatums already?! Doesn't that seem too soon?

RANT: New Girl: Now, we have had our fair share of roommates who didn't know how to do basic things like laundry, but none of those roommates have ever been like Schmidt. Schmidt is a guy who wears expensive sweaters and hair chutney, and regardless of whatever he was like in college, he would know how to do laundry. Whatever. It was a funny episode – and we loved the other guys' confessions – so we'll let it slide.

RAVE: The Voice: This new wild card feature – in which eliminated contestants can come back and compete for a spot as the "wild card" in the finals – should be a lot of fun, and we're sort of glad it exists tonight after Sugar Joans and Jessie Pitts were eliminated over Ryan Sill.

RANT: True Tori: After Tori's emotional lunch with Dean's ex and a lot of emotional therapy sessions and a lot of emotional wondering why the hell any of this needs to be on camera, Dean cried like a weird baby in Tori's arms and we felt super awkward while we watched it. At least Dean is apparently a "true man" now? 

RAVE: Sons of Anarchy: Hot. Damn. Who else was crying with Jax there at the end? Check out our recap of that incredible episode here

What did you watch tonight? Rant and rave with us in the comments!

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