After a five-year health struggle that he tried to hide from the public, Glenn Beck is opening up about his private battle with some debilitating medical conditions. 

The conservative TV personality revealed the shocking secret on Monday night on his network, TheBlaze TV, where he opened up about his diagnosis with several devastating diseases that have caused him to lose functionality in his brain. 

But thanks to a team of expert doctors, Beck said he is on the mend, despite having previously been told that in five or 10 years, he "would no longer be able to function." 

Glenn Beck

"I have never lied to you, but I have omitted a few really important facts because—they scared me," Beck admitted to the audience, fighting back tears. "I didn't have any answers, and the answers I was being given at the time meant…the end of our time together."

He says that about five years ago he first began experiencing inexplicable health issues, including vocal cord paralysis and eyesight problems. 

"While I was at Fox, the pain would get so bad that my camera crew, our executive producer Tiffany and I, had worked out hand signals so they would know when to take the camera off of me," Beck confessed. "We didn't know at the time what was causing me to feel as though, out of nowhere, my hands and feet, or arms and legs would feel like someone had just crushed them, set them on fire or pushed broken glass into them."

In addition to the horrible pain, Beck was only sleeping about two to four hours at night, and he also began experiencing seizures. 

Following the string of medical issues, Beck checked himself into a New York hospital, where he was tested for traumatic brain injury, only to reveal that he was functioning in the bottom 10th percentile. 

"I was told at the time that I had anywhere between five and ten years before I would no longer be able to function," he shared. "I was told to go home, take at least a year off, and enjoy the days with my children."

After turning to God, Beck still felt that he couldn't give up, and he discovered Carrick Brain Centers in Texas. 

"After a few short visits, they found that I had several things going on, from an autoimmune disorder to adrenal fatigue," he shared, adding that he was also in the early stages of Addison's Disease. "They also found the connection to everything that was going on, and for the first time gave us hope that we could reboot my system—not just stop it, but reverse things." 

And thanks to an expert team of doctors, coupled with Beck's perseverance, the 50-year-old TV personality is feeling better than ever. 

"After months of treatment and completely changing the way I eat, sleep, work and live, along with ongoing hormone treatment and intensive physical therapy, I have reversed the process," he revealed. "Some of the physical scars will be with me for the rest of my life…but my brain is back online in a big way."

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