Peter Quill and Gamora have some serious dance moves!

In this exclusive behind-the-scenes clip from Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris Pratt and Zoe Saldana engage in what one superhero describes as "an epic dance battle" at the Xander crash site!

"It's super intense and dirty and smoky," says Pratt, motioning to the turmoil around him. "There's a fire there," he adds, pointing to flames. "But don't worry! We've got firemen here, which has been a real treat for all the ladies."

"Everybody is having a blast!" he says, before telling his co-stars, "Let's do a dance-off!"

And that they do! The Guardians of the Galaxy cast definitely made time for fun, but there was a lot of work required for filming, too. As Pratt told Screenrant, "...we've definitely come together and gotten to know each other better, but this has been unlike any other movies I've been on where you walk away from set and just the cast goes and hangs out and stuff like that. We're just working non-stop [laughs]."

"We have been working so much," he added seriously. "We've gotten to know each other pretty well because we've been together for five months in a foreign country. But it's been eye on the prize this whole time. There hasn't been a lot of down time to do anything. At least for me–I feel like I've been working every second."

Thank goodness, though, he and Saldana were able to work in this gloriously goofy fun between takes! Watch the clip above to see what Pratt describes as their "standard action dance-off!"

Guardians of the Galaxy releases digitally first on Nov. 18 and is available on Blu-ray Dec. 9.

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