Arrow, The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak

Felicity Smoak is just like us! Ok, so we're not super talented computer hackers with a super cute apartment and an unexpected (but also super cute) goth-y past, but we do struggle with sit-ups sometimes, and that has to count for something. But Arrow wasn't the only thing on tonight! Join us as we rant and rave about it all!

RAVE: Arrow: Any episode mostly about Felicity is a good episode, and that was a great episode. We met Felicity's rather unexpected mother, saw her apartment, and discovered that she apparently brushes her teeth and then immediately drinks coffee, which makes no sense to us, but whatever. Felicity's quirky, we guess. We also met Goth Felicity, who had dyed black hair and wrote some crazy code that could do crazy hacker things and ended up getting her boyfriend arrested when he took the fall for writing the code.

RANT: Arrow: Like we said, great episode, but we were somewhat definitely disappointed when our initial suspicions turned out to be true: Felicity's college boyfriend had not died in jail, and instead had been employed by the NSA. Now, he was back with Felicity's code to be all villainous and steal money from banks. It was super predictable, but Felicity kicking his ass did a lot to make up for it.

RANT?: Arrow: Roy waking up from a dream in which he killed Sara totally reminded us of that time on Teen Wolf when Jackson (also played by Colton Haynes) woke up in the middle of the night to turn into a murderous lizard man. Please don't have Roy start growing scales…

Red Band Society, Zoe Levin, Charlie Rowe

Tina Rowden/FOX

RAVE: Red Band Society: Oh hey, Mandy Moore! We've missed you in our lives, and now we're super jealous of you that you once got to hang out in the arms of Dr. McPrettyface. Also we'd like to apologize for the fact that we still get "Stupid Cupid" from The Princess Diaries stuck in our heads whenever we see you.

RANT: Red Band Society: Noooooooo Dr. McHotBeard figured out that Nurse Jackson falsified a blood sample to keep Charlie from being transferred, so not only is he reporting her, he's also suspending her!

RAVE: Red Band Society: Love triangle over? We feel like it's not that easy, but for now, Emma picked Leo. They seem super happy, but Jordi definitely isn't.

RAVE: Law & Order: SVU: Here's to a truly classic creepy Law & Order: SVU! The show took on the Slender Man Internet myth and really gave new guy Carisi (Peter Scanavino) time to shine while investigating the park attack of three girls. Also, how cute is Benson's little baby Noah? We just hope no cats were harmed in the making of this episode...

RANT: The 100: So much happened in the first two episodes of this season, so why did this episode feel sort of boring? It was mostly a lot of people running from other people (and things), and that can only keep our attention for so long.

RANT: AHS: Freak Show: Did anyone else start shouting at their screens when Jimmy and Desiree started making out? It just seemed sort of icky with her being his dad's wife and all… Check out our recap here.

What did you watch tonight? Rant and rave with us in the comments!

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