Prince William

Doug Seeburg-Pool/Getty Images

Prince William looked perfectly handsome—dapper, even!—at the Royal Marsden Hospital charity dinner held Monday at Windsor Castle.

But when Kate Middleton's hubby came face-to-face with Ralph Lauren at the black-tie event, he told the designer apologetically, "I'm sorry my wife's not here. You probably would far rather my wife [be here]."

"Not at all," said Mr. Lauren (although let's be honest, any designer would be thrilled for a chance to chat with a royal fashionista). Unlike Ralph though, fellow gala attendee Kate Moss admitted her disappointment over the duchess's absence.

In footage obtained by Sky News, the British supermodel could be seen asking William, "Where's your wife?" then asking again, "She's not here?"

It appeared that the Duke of Cambridge nodded his head no, to which Kate replied, "Such a shame."

It is, indeed, but hopefully the catwalk queen and the royal princess will cross paths sometime soon. Kate Moss has been a fan of the other Kate M. for a while now, gushing to the Telegraph in 2011,  "Oh, I love her!"

She also praised the Alexander McQueen dress Prince Georges mum wore when she married Prince William. "It was so chic and seamless," said the supermodel. "And just beautiful, it was just as a royal wedding should be."

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