Well, at least they gave us an explanation.

Glee recently raised a few eyebrows when star Naya Rivera was written out of the series' season five finale. Although there were reports of a feud on set between Rivera and her co-star Lea Michele, sources exclusively revealed to E! News that Naya's departure has "nothing to do with Lea."

So how did the Fox dramedy explain Rivera's obvious disappearance on Tuesday night's finale? Well it was a group effort, actually. Heather Morris returned to reprise the fan-favorite role of Brittany S. Pierce and after surprising the NYC gang at their Bushwick loft, (and giving a classic Britt-Britt greeting: "What up, bitches?!") some of the season's most burning questions were answered.

Where has Brittany been?
A few episodes back, Santana revealed that Brittany was still vacationing it up on "Lesbos Island," and now we have the full reason as to why the Fondue for Two host was M.I.A. "I lost my passport and I was trapped in the airport like Tom hanks in that movie," Brittany revealed.

Sooo Where is Santana?
Take it away Mercedes (Amber Riley)! "Oh she's shooting a Yeast-I-Stat commercial in Iowa for a week," the diva explained. "Apparently they have the best wheat fields to slow-motion run through."

Why Didn't Brittany know where Santana is?
Not to worry, Brittana shippers! it appears that the couple is still peachy, Brittany was just having a few communication issues. "I gave up my cell phone after Kiki and I broke up, the pain was just too great," she said.

Will the gang see Santana soon?
Yup! Mercedes managed to also get her label to give Brittany a job as a back-up dancer/singer on her upcoming mall tour. After a performance (that was originally supposed to include Riley, Morris and Rivera) Mercedes revealed that Santana would be meeting up with them at their next performance in Reno.

There you have it, Glee fans. What did you think of these answers? Did you miss seeing Santana in the finale? Sing your thoughts in the comments below!

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