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Kate Hudson isn't one for a quiet Mother's Day. Instead the actress will be celebrating the holiday surrounded by family—her entire family. 

"We're just going to hang at my house. Matt [Bellamy], my mom [Goldie Hawn], my brother. The whole family—we all get together," the 35-year-old told E! News at an Ann Taylor event on Thursday. "We always do it like that."

Of course the day will also include Hudson's two kids Ryder, 10, and Bingham, 2. Plus, it's highly likely her brother Olivier Hudson and wife Erinn Barlett will bring along their three tots as well—quite a full house!

But before the family affair this weekend, we got the actress to share a few of her favorite memories from the holiday and dish on her famous style.

Kate Hudson, Anne Taylor

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Do you have a favorite Mother's Day memory?
My last Mother's day with Grandma. I think we all knew that she was not doing well. I remember it very vividly because it was so important. You don't think about those things until you realize you might not have someone around for very much longer. About how much you want to show them your appreciation. I was 14. It hit me that people go and you don't want to take those things for granted because it's those moments you realize you aren't going to have someone around for much longer. That you wish you could have gone back and been more present at other times. That was a very memorable Mother's Day and a beautiful Mother's Day.

And then I'd say another year Ryder gave me an amazing gift where he made a canvas painting of a big mountain, a big sun and melting snow.

You've previously said that he is the creative one in the family.
Yeah he's my little poet.

Does he ever comment on your clothing?
Ryder has always been very fashion forward. Especially when he was wearing tutus and hiding in tubs! Ryder always had a thing with clothes. He'd come in, he'd pick out outfits, he would look at me, he would look at things. Not so much anymore. He's 10—it's all about hockey.

Kate Hudson, Matt Bellamy


What about the other man of the house. Does Matt have any opinions on your style?
Yeah, Matt's not fussy. Matt likes feminine. Sometimes I'll come out in something low cut and tight, but if I come out in like a flowy dress, Matt likes that. But I don't dress for Matt! I dress for my girlfriends! I dress for me and my girlfriends. Girls dress for each other, don't we? Guys don't really care what we wear and they don't get it.

Which fashion trends are you loving for summer?
For me, in summer I like as little clothing as possible—especially if it's hot. Little dresses and I love shorts and little shirts.

Tell us about your last shopping trip.
The last thing that I purchased were new pillows. I'm far more of a home shopper. I'm really into redesigning my house. I bought Matt pillows for his office. He needed some pillows.

Kate Hudson

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You designed an entire line of LBDs for Ann Taylor. What is your favorite black dress from the red carpet?
I wore this Versace sort of cut out…this old black Gianni Versace vintage dress.

And what about your favorite red carpet look of all time?
That's such a hard question as we have so much fun doing it. They are all fun! I'd say that some of the ones that are my favorite… Well, I loved this year's Oscars dress. It wasn't necessarily the most comfortable…Some dresses you look back and they photograph so beautifully. You were so lucky to be able to wear it. Then sometimes you look and you might have felt more comfortable in it but it didn't photograph as well.

Also, I'd add the Pucci dress that I wore a couple of years ago to the SAG awards. And the Versace dress that I wore to the Venice Film Festival.

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