Opposite Worlds


And another one bites the dust.

Opposite Worlds, Syfy's newest reality competition, transports their contestants and audience members into two very different and very extreme living conditions. One team lives a life of luxury and rich fortune in the future, while the other is exiled back in time to the dark, pre-technology realm of the past.

Although all of the members of the house would love to win the coveted $100,000 prize, only one can be the Opposite Worlds' victor. Tonight, yet another player will be banished from the house and will lose their chance at being the master of both worlds.

But whether you've been thrust back into the past or welcomed into the future, one thing's for sure—going home is a huge change. We recently chatted with Wyatt Wernuth, the most recently eliminated contestant, to find out what it's really like living in the Syfy house, the biggest lesson he learned from the competition and who he thinks could win the entire game.

Opposite Worlds


Wyatt Wernuth, the 47-year old diving specialist, was forced to endure the freezing temperatures and harsh conditions that comes with living in the past. In addition to being short on food, the environmental set-backs are enough to shake even the strongest competitor. However throughout the competition, Wernuth managed to maintain a positive outlook and was a pillar of leadership for his team prior to his elimination.

Are you sad to leave the house behind?
Wyatt Wernuth: You mean the Cave Life.  Yes and no.  I did enjoy living off the land and trying to survive each day. Maybe a bit too much. I think I could have played the whole game from the cave. Thing is the rest of the guys could not and that's why they gambled for me to take on Jesse who they believed was stopping them from getting into the future. So for them it was worth breaking the pact we had as the wolf pack to the others. 

Was the house really as luxurious and lavish/dark and dingy as it looks on TV?
They cave was dank! However, I embraced the suck and it worked for me. We did not have much to eat, only rice, onions and potatoes. I kind of eat like that at home. 

What was the biggest lesson that competing on Opposite Worlds has taught you?
It was a game. I guess I was focused on surviving and not the game play so much. I felt we had a pact that would be our mission until things got bad—about week four, I suspected. I knew we would have to turn on each other at some point. Week two was way too soon for me. I learned that all the others did not have integrity. They really wanted the $100k and everything else mattered very little. I was not willing to stoop that low. 

Which competitor do you think has the potential to win the entire competition and why?
I think Angela. I think she is strong and will play am honorable game to win.

What is the most surprising thing that you think the Opposite Worlds' audience should know?
Boy oh Boy! America is missing some great TV moments behind the scenes. The struggle in the past does not look that bad on TV, however…it sucks!

Don't miss Opposite Worlds Tuesdays at 10 p.m. and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on Syfy.

(E! and Syfy are both part of the NBCUniversal family)

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