Bill Cosby

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Bill Cosby is making his voice heard.

In an interview with CNN's Don Lemon over the weekend, the comedy veteran discussed growing up in a housing project, the over-medication of inmates and the state of today's black culture. As well, in light of the anniversary of the the Birmingham church bombings, Cosby spoke on the tragic event that killed four little girls in 1963 and explained how remembering the attack is crucial.

"What America has to understand is that some people get embarrassed about what happened, there are people who don't want to see these scenes talked about again. It's painful but we have to really get to this," he said, discussing one of the defining moments of the civil rights movement.

And when asked to reflect on today's African American culture, Cosby noted that higher education and a strong family structure are key factors for success.

"I think it has to come from the universities. I think women, strongly, he said, adding that research shows that 70 percent of African American households are led by women. "What we need is for people to realize, 'I want to raise my kid. I want to go back and get my three kids. I want to take on that responsibility. I want to love my children.'"

He stressed the importance of earning a college degree, even if it means going back to get a high school diploma or attending a community college.

"OK, you backed up and didn't do well. You quit school, but now you find the need to get that high school credential. Go to the community college."

Cosby also spoke out about how he feels that today's inmates are overmedicated to a harmful degree—which doesn't prepare them for life outside prison.

"If you drug these people, and then you release them, and there's no prescription for them to get to take to do the same thing, and they go back to the same place," he explained.

"Now, about this time, this is when you hear the 'no-groes' jump and say, ‘Why don't you talk about good things?'"

The legendary comedian went on to say, "Because the good things happen to be taking care of themselves pretty well. We are trying to help those geniuses, those not geniuses, people who deserve, because they are human beings on this earth, in the United States of America, we are trying to get them in a position so they will understand and want to."

Cosby concluded the interview with a bit of insight about his own hardships growing up.

"The reason why I'm giving you this information is because I was living in the projects. I was not taking care of myself in terms of managing my education, and once the door opened and I saw quote, unquote, the light, I started to become very successful."

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