Amanda Bynes, Sarah Hyland

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Amanda Bynes seems to be having some Twitter troubles lately. Her most recent social networking rumble was a run-in with Matt Prokop, the boyfriend of Modern Family's Sarah Hyland

Prokop tweeted to the embattled actress Saturday, urging her to "look in a mirror... Stop getting work done. Save what's left.

The former child star, not one to let things drop, fired back, "your girlfriend has an ugly face like you." 

"wow. The devil speaks," Prokop responded. "We were fans of yours."

"and my girl is more successful than you ever will be enjoy the long road downhill disgusting crack head," Prokop wrote, adding, "It's sad @AmandaBynes was a child actress who kids looked up to. Now she's just a lost soul in a plastic face. #gethelp"

But Bynes didn't intend her initial comment as a total diss. "I like her ugly face!" she clarified, adding, "She isn't as pretty as me! You need to put up two comparable professional photos! She's not a model I am!!!"

Prokop obliged, writing to Bynes that "this should clear your mind."

The former All That star wasn't pleased with the photo selection and tweeted, "also new pics because surgery helps me! I need more to make my nose smaller! I'll put our pics side by side to prove my point!"

Prokop once again tweeted Bynes, writing, "you aren't a model you are plastic. Nothing about you is real anymore. It's so sad how blind you are to reality." And "stop getting work. You were beautiful. Me and Sarah looked up to you. Now you are looking more like a pornstar. #itssad"

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Hyland herself weighed in, tweeting glibly, "So me and @mattpro13 have officially made it. @AmandaBynes called us ugly! #blessed" and addingthat she loves her man "defending my honor

Unfortunately this wasn't the only Twitter drama for Bynes this weekend. American Pie star Jason Biggs took a snipe at the star, asking, "Are you having a stroke?"

Amanda wrote back, "you're so ugly I won't talk to you," adding, to Biggs and a fan who defended him, "what a joke you both are good luck getting laid by anything with a vagina."

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"I feel like I'm being punked by the amount of hate from ugly dudes and women, "Bynes tweeted."I don't know you and don't know what you're talking about!"

Dr. Drew naturally, decided to weigh in. "I think it may be time to leave @AmandaBynes alone," he tweeted. "She will get help if she wants it & if she needs it,hopefully before serious consequences."

"WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?" she responded. "What kind of help are you referring to? You're ugly and I want you to leave me alone!"

Woof. We wish her the best.

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