Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes Shows Off Brief Black Hair Transformation Amid New Chapter

Amanda Bynes dyed her hair dark right before Christmas, but reverted back to her blonde roots a day later: "I didn't like the black hair on me."

December 25, 2023

Amanda Bynes Wants This Job Instead After Brief Return to the Spotlight

She's the Man actress Amanda Bynes said she's giving up her podcast venture after its debut episode, opting to pursue this beauty-related career and have more "consistent" work.

December 22, 2023

Amanda Bynes Says She Wants to Do THIS Instead of Her Podcast

Days after announcing the end of her podcast, Amanda Bynes reveals she has her heart set on a career in beauty: "I would rather get my manicurist license."

December 22, 2023

Amanda Bynes Presses PAUSE on Her Podcast One Week After Debut

Amanda Bynes is taking a break from her new venture ‘Amanda Bynes & Paul Sieminski: The Podcast’ just 11 days after its premiere. Hear her explain why!

December 18, 2023

Amanda Bynes Reveals Why She's Pressing Pause on Her Podcast One Week After Its Debut

Amanda Bynes is taking a break from her new venture Amanda Bynes & Paul Sieminski: The Podcast only 11 days after the series premiered.

December 18, 2023


See These 12 Secrets About She’s the Man for What They Really Are

She's the Man director Andy Fickman opened up to E! News about filming the 2006 cult classic that starred Amanda Bynes and a then-unknown Channing Tatum.

December 16, 2023

Amanda Bynes Shares Why She Underwent Eyelid Surgery

Amanda Bynes detailed a subtle part of her “new look” in a TikTok video on Dec. 11, saying it’s one of the best things she’s ever done.

December 12, 2023

Amanda Bynes Returns to the Spotlight With Her Own Podcast and New Look

After largely staying out of the public eye for more than a decade, Amanda Bynes is making a comeback in the entertainment industry with a new job: Podcast host.

December 9, 2023

Amanda Bynes Placed on 72-Hour Psychiatric Hold

After missing 90s Con in Connecticut recently, Amanda Bynes has been put on a 72-hour psychiatric hold, a source close to the situation confirms to NBC News.

March 21, 2023

Amanda Bynes Placed on 72-Hour Psychiatric Hold

After missing 90s Con in Connecticut over the weekend, Amanda Bynes has been put on a 72-hour psychiatric hold, a source close to the situation confirmed to NBC News.

March 20, 2023

An All That Reunion Is Happening With Amanda Bynes

Check it: Amanda Bynes confirmed she will be attending '90s Con alongside former All That cast members, Kel Mitchell, Danny Tamberelli and Lori Beth Denberg. Scroll down for details.

January 18, 2023

Amanda Bynes Proves She’s the Man..icurist by Unveiling New Career Move

Amanda Bynes shared she is working to get a new job title under her belt. Learn what her next career move is after her conservatorship was terminated in March.

October 7, 2022

Kenan Thompson Reveals the All That Sketches He Thinks Could Work on Saturday Night Live

Kenan Thompson, who is entering his 20th season on Saturday Night Live reminisced about his favorite All That sketches, revealing which bits he thinks could work on the NBC series.

September 23, 2022


Amanda Bynes and Paul Michael Break Up After More Than 2 Years Together

A little more than two weeks after Amanda Bynes and Paul Michael called off their engagement, the couple has called it quits altogether. Find out more about the split below.

July 26, 2022

Amanda Bynes and Paul Michael End Engagement After 2 Years

Amanda Bynes and fiancé Paul Michael have called off their engagement due to public pressure. Find out where their relationship stands below.

July 9, 2022


Amanda Bynes Apologizes After Mistakenly Accusing Fiancé Paul Michael of Drug Use

After Amanda Bynes argued with and fiancé Paul Michael got into a verbal dispute, the former actress publicly accused him of using drugs, which he denied. She later issued an apology

April 28, 2022


Why Amanda Bynes Is So “Hyped” About Her Latest Rap Song “Fairfax”

Amanda Bynes and fiancé Paul Michael exclusively take E! News behind the creation of their latest single "Fairfax." Find out what the couple said about recording an album together!

April 27, 2022

Lindsay Lohan Reflects on That Iconic Vanity Fair Young Hollywood Cover

On Vanity Fair cover shoots, we wear pink! Lindsay Lohan shared her experience shooting the magazine's 2003 Young Hollywood issue alongside Hilary Duff, Evan Rachel Wood and other stars.

April 7, 2022


Amanda Bynes Shares Exciting Plans as She Enjoys Freedom After the End of Her Conservatorship

Officially in charge of her own affairs again after almost nine years, Amanda Bynes gave an update to E! News about what's next.

April 3, 2022

See How Amanda Bynes' All That Co-Stars Are Supporting Her as Conservatorship Ends

Although there weren't any dancing lobsters in court when Amanda Bynes' conservatorship was terminated, her former All That co-stars were on hand to show their support.

March 22, 2022


Amanda Bynes Breaks Silence After Her Conservatorship Ends

Amanda Bynes exclusively told E! News how it felt to have her conservatorship terminated after nine years. Keep scrolling to find out what she had to say.

March 22, 2022

Amanda Bynes' Conservatorship Terminated After Nearly 9 Years

Amanda Bynes' 9-year conservatorship is coming to an end after a judge signs off on ending the almost decade-long conservatorship. Get the full details!

March 22, 2022