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Dear Ted:
I noticed that both the lead actor and actress in a comedy Emmys went to Chuck Lorre shows. This isn't part of some Charlie Sheen backlash, is it? Because that seems like a really dumb reason to deny Steve Carell his well-earned award.

Dear Office Spaced Out:
I totally agree that Steve should have nabbed the award. Even if Michael Scott wasn't at his best in later seasons, Steve earned it for his many years of hilarious work on The Office. That said, I don't think it had anything to do with the wizard. You might be surprised how many people like Big Bang Theory.

Dear Ted:
I want to hear more about Naya Rivera. After the whole Mark Salling thing back when, we don't even know who she's dating. I can't believe no one gets some good shots of her doing anything! She seems like a bad girl with a good PR firm.

Dear McKinley High's Most Wanted:
Naya is a crafty broad. She knows how to keep her dirty laundry out of the public eye. But she did most of her juicy, no-good deeds before she really became a star on Glee, so she's much more careful now about what kind of trouble she causes.

Dear Ted:
Never would've connected Kate Winslet and Elizabeth Taylor, but then saw the pics of Kate channeling Liz. Wow! She'd definitely be a great choice for a Liz biopic: talented and full-blooded. Russell Crowe for Richard Burton, as you've suggested. But your suggestion of Sofia Coppola to direct...really? Her films are stylish but detached and dispassionate. Even daddy Francis Ford has been better at providing the feisty, fearless and full-on energy that a film about Liz demands.

Dear Good Girls Club:
I was trying to run with the girl-power theme by casting a (very smart) chica director to helm the project. Sadly, there aren't enough out there working these days. And since Kate is totally down to do the gig, I think it's about time we find one ASAP and get this flick on the big screen. It's too good of an opportunity to pass up. Who would you like to see direct, K?

Dear Ted:
What do you think of the Real Housewives of New York City shakeup? I think it's brilliant; last season was horrible! Do you think Bethenny Frankel would come back if the money was right?

Dear The Skinny on Bethenny:
The money would have to be really good, babe, ‘cause Bethenny is milking her empire to make her moolah these days. She doesn't exactly need her Bravo stomping grounds anymore, and she knows it. If she's going to return to reality TV,  it'll be a solo gig.

Dear Ted:
I watched a talk show today where Charlie Sheen was a guest and he seemed pretty mellow (and not in a controlled substance kind of way). He proclaimed his sobriety and owned all his past indiscretions. Is this a reformed Sheen or an act of rehearsed contrition? His Emmy speech about wishing his former show and new lead good luck seemed sincere, although an odd arena to state his feelings, but who's to say he hasn't learned his lesson. What's your take on Charlie's current state of mind?

Dear Don't Buy It:
It's all a calculated act. There's nothing genuine left in the man—it was all fried out too many crack sessions ago.

Dear Ted:
Who do you think are nuttier, Gleeks or Twi-hards?

Dear 6 to 1:
Twi-hards, but just barely.

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