Khloe Kardashian Odom, Larry King

Albert Michael/; Jerod Harris/ZUMA Press

Looks like our favorite game of Ditch, Do or Marry has gone viral!

Of course, we weren't the first jokers to play Ditch, Do or Marry, but we took it to Hollywood (where it truly belongs) long before GQ did! Not that we're nitpicky or anything, and we totally love how they gave it their go with a highly unconventional candidate...

None other than...Larry King.

Trust, this had us going WTF at first, but King plays it coy and clueless as ever, while bringing a dose of his "been around the block (a lot)" charm,

Plus, with GQ calling their version of the game "F--k, Kill or Marry," it's a delightful dichotomy played against King's vanilla news-desk oeuvre, like Meredith Vieira starring in a Quentin Tarantino flick, or something.

And how could King not answer the questions totally candidly? Hell, the guy has had seven wives. He certainly has some real-life experience in the ditch, do or marry field. 

So while we have already played the game with single studs, aging divas, and funny guys—to name a few—we want to switch it up after GQ seriously made us laugh out loud. 

So who do you think should be featured in our next Ditch, Do or Marry edition? Or should we just find a no-fear celeb to question ourselves? Khloe Kardashian perhaps?

Sound off below and let us know.

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