Breaking Dawn, Feathers

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Oh Bill Condon, you are such a tease.

To the delight of Twi-hards everywhere, Condon posted this pic on the official Twilight Facebook page giving fans a first look at the work they've been doing on Breaking Dawn.

"Happy Thanksgiving and a crazy Black Friday to all of you and yours," Bill wrote, along with posting this shot of...feathers from the honeymoon scene!!! (And Kristen Stewart's hand.)

You know what that means right?

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Sex, sex, and probably some more sex!

For the many of you that have read Breaking Dawn, you're quite aware that when Bella and Edward finally "consummate that relationship" (in the words of Jackson Rathbone) on their honeymoon, the headboard is broken, pillows bit open, and feathers are flying everywhere.

Hey, better the pillow than Bella's neck, no?

We're sounding like a broken record here, but how many times have we told you the final installments are going to be way hot, sex scene included obviously.

Even though Robert Pattinson and Kristen aren't demanding more naked scenes, rest assured...they are there.

Team Truth have been big fans of Bill's for a long time now, and don't we all heart him a little bit more now that this particular photo was the first one chosen to update fans?

Bring on the sex! In a PG-13 way, of course.

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