VH1 Divas Poster
So True So False, STSF

When you're Katy Perry, you have to expect that people's eyes will be drawn to a certain segment of your anatomy. Unless expressing whipped cream from said segment is your idea of wallflowering it.

So it's no surprise that when VH1's new divatastic poster was released this week, prying eyes were able to determine at record speed that Mrs. Russell Brand had suddenly undergone a reduction of sorts.

And they were right. But since Katy's had nary a day out of the spotlight this year, she clearly hasn't had time to go under the knife (phew). So did VH1 decide Katy's cleavage was just too scandalous for the viewing public? Believe it or not, this rumor is…

So false!

This rumor must've been brought to us by the letters "F" and "U" because VH1 most definitely did not pull a Sesame Street and call scandal on her bustiness.

But someone did—Katy herself!

"Silly press check it: I was the one who asked VH1 to tone down my DIGITALIZED image on the poster, particularly the size of my chest," she tweeted this week.

"& I don't have handlers…but someone @VH1 offices is a gossipmonger & thought they could use a little extra press planting the story."

Yikes. When are people gonna learn: do not mess with the Brands.

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