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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 may not hit theaters until next Thursday, but Potter fans are already trying to out-do the Twi-hards at the ticket office!

The highly anticipated movie, which we're so friggin' happy comes in a double dosage, has already sold out more than 900 show times nationwide. Damn that's impressive! But what's even better than being at one of these midnight showings in your Hogwarts gear? Livestreaming (as yours truly is) from the premiere in NYC, duh!    

But we've got some pre-premiere dish that won't have Twilight lovers jumping for joy...

Robert Pattinson may have some competition with a former castmate, and we're not talking about a Quidditch match!

According to a Fandango survey of more than 4,000 Harry Potter ticket-buyers, more than half of them plan on watching Daniel Radcliffe and his fellow wizards at midnight on opening night, and in 3-D of course!

But the most Twi-heart wrenching part of the survey had nothing to do with box-office sales.  

Turns out some people actually find a scar-faced wizard sexier than Bella's brooding vampire? Say it ain't so!

Read the rankings and weep Twi-bugs! Moviegoers were polled in Fandango's Top Ten Sexiest British Actors Under 30 survey, and voters were obv gushing over Radcliffe's shirtless, geeky self!

With Harry getting an overall 16 percent of the votes, R.Pattz was a close second, with the redheaded Rupert Grint (Ron Wesley) trailing in third place just behind everyone's favorite vamp.

Still, survey or no survey, there is one thing Twilight fanatics have over the Potter-heads: They'll name their babies after a Cullen, and that's sayin' something, truly.

Since we're guessing most of you Twi-hards didn't get a fair chance to chime in about the sexiest leader of this Brit pack, we're willing to do the honors and let you dish about it here:

Are Fandango's sexy survey results a no-go?

Awful's Better Brit Poll:
Which box-office Brit do think is sexier?
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