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It wouldn't be a world-renowned online awards poll without recognizing the rarest celeb there is: the reality star. And in no way are we being sarcastic.

OK, we are. You know us all too well. But still, reality shows and their "stars" do bring us loads of entertainment, both intentionally and unintentionally. From legitimate competitions to whatever it is those Housewives do, we are here to pay tribute to the nonscripted areas of our DVR…

Since it seems there are more reality shows than not out there, we know this round of nominations couldn't have been easy. But that's why we're leaving it up to the fans! That way, when the winners receive those glorious Golden Tater trophies, they will have no choice but to weep with joy.

Vote for your favorite reality shows and stars below, and visit past categories in the Tater Tops until winners are announced on July 20. And since we are so awesome at our jobs, we've ensured these results are without nasty spam. No need to thank us. Well, you can always send fruit baskets if you really want to.

Please Note: Reading this on your phone? We know you can't vote now, but we would never deprive you of the joy that comes with online polls. Come back to vote, yes?

Like the Emmys surely snubbed some of our favorites, we're sure you think we did, too. But unlike those pesky Emmys, we might allow last-minute additions to the nominee list. Tweet @KristinDSantos or yell at us in the comments below. That Tater trophy might go to someone you rallied for. And that's just a beautiful ending for everyone.

Line? Let's see, our script says right now you're supposed to ask what tomorrow's Tater Top Awards will bring. And then we say, "Come back to vote for Best Line in a Drama and Best Line in a Comedy." And then you dance in excitement. And then we ask you to send in nominations to @KristinDSantos or in our comments section. And then you say, "You got it, oh marvelous one." And...scene!


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