Stephen Moyer

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Stephen Moyer hanging out in supergood spirits at the HBO Emmys afterparty, even though True Blood got totally snubbed nomination-wise.

Stephen looked absolutely divine in a fitted black tux, with his Bill Compton-esque hair a smidge lighter than usual. But where was Anna Paquin? His on- and offscreen lovah was noticeably absent from the show, and party, but don't worry—there is no trouble in human-vampire paradise.

When asked where Anna was, S.M. responded in his delicious British accent, "Oh, she just had a prior engagement." Must not have had anything to do with her real engagement to Moyer, but either way glad this couple can hang apart.

Just because HBO is True Blood territory doesn't mean some Twilighters didn't show up...

Kellan Lutz and Catherine Hardwicke hung tight inside the HBO tent and chatted closely for a long time.

Cath, whom we totally dig despite the fact we hear she's "bats--t crazy," was looking teeny-tiny in a dark tank dress and, dammit, was just having a good ol' time.

She and Lutz were both laughing for a while and seemed to be very into whatever they were talking about. Maybe giggling at all of those silly people who think Robsten doesn't exist? We're sure of it.

Don't get any ideas though, Catherine wasn't trying to get all cougar on Kellan. Especially since AnnaLynne McCord was a mere few feet away. We didn't see any PDA go down between the two, but since Kellan is trying to win her back hopefully he kept his fangs to himself, despite all the hot gals lurking around.

An unlikely couple who were most definitely on last night were...

Chloe Sevigny, Jason Segel

Kristian Dowling/Getty Images

Jason Segel and Chloë Sevigny, who were super lovey-dovey throughout the whole bash. Chloë was hanging with her Entourage pal Kevin Connolly for a while, but once Segel showed up the two hardly left each other's side.

Marc Malkin has some more deets on how Jason and Chloë were smooching inside the party, but eyewitnesses tell us it didn't just end there. The two left the party together and most likely did a little more than that.

Outside at the valet, Segel kept one hand placed around Chloë's waist as they waited for (presumably) one car to take them straight to the bedroom. Maybe it wasn't that random of a pairing—by the looks of it, this wasn't their first time together at some one-night-stand rodeo.

Other notable moments from the HBO party:

Blake Lively not hanging out with Gossip Girl costar Leighton Meester, Debra Messing taking a load off by herself in the smoking area, Hayden Panettiere hanging by the Entourage table and hugging a guy in an L.A. County Sheriff's Office uniform, plus the cutest double-dating duo had to be Jerry Ferrara and Jamie-Lynn Sigler chatting with Kevin Dillon and his wife.


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