Female Force Comics, JK Rowling, Stephanie Meyer

Blue Water Comics

The Harry Potter vs. Twilight battle is about to go another round. This time, it'll take a comic form…literally.

Bluewater Comics has announced a J.K. Rowling installment of its biographical Female Force series, set for release in December.

Unfortunately (for Potterheads, at least), Stephenie Meyer will beat her to the punch. Her vamp'd up issue hits shelves in November, just in time for New Moon's arrival in theaters.

Both books will come in two forms: a standard, 22-page release as well as a supersized collector's edition with undefined extras.

We just can't wait to see which writing wunderkind outsells the other.

Comic Clash
Which Female Force comic book would win in a head-to-head sales battle?


Given the subject matter, this round of the battle of the supernatural series may be a draw (ha ha). See what other Stars Get Animated here!

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