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Watch out, Kristen Stewart, your love for Robert Pattinson is being seriously challenged. And you may be very surprised by whom. But first ...

As we confirmed last week, security has been much increased on the semi-naughty set of the latest Twilight installment, if you haven't already noticed. The cast (and by cast, we mean mostly just Robsten, sorry) has some 007 stuff going on up in Vancouver, with every stealth trip to and from the set being meticulously plotted so that no one can see them leave or enter their respective hotel hangs.

Really, can you blame R.Pattz and K.Stew for wanting a little privacy? Just look at what they have to deal with when they try to go out by themselves. Are they the new pap-hunted-and-persecuted Princess Dis? Apparently so. Poor kids.  

While Deep Twi tells us they had no choice but to add more visually restrictive safety measures, 'cause of the new Canadian flood of paparazzi and fans, you'll never believe who you all have to thank (or bitch at, depending on how some of you look at it) for Pattinson's newfound, reclusive lifestyle...

Here's what's gotta be giving Kristen awkward pause: The manically fierce and adoring Twilight moms! Yes, Deep Twi insists to us these passionate vampire groupies persistently badgered Summit to protect Rob's luscious locks, man smell, hot bod and everything else that goes along with his being a rebel-love superstar.

Now, for those of you not familiar with the various fan groups, this matronly detective pack in particular has been around way longer than the teenybopper Rob lovers. Way. No, the manic Twilight moms were all about the books first (meaning Edward)—then the movie.

From what we've heard from utterly reliable sources, some of the moms were so on their game early on, they even managed to snoop around on the set during the filming of Twilight, way before the cast—and security—exploded. We'd love to gab more about what juicy tidbits they came across, but back to the main point. Since these mommies fiercest are vintage fans, they were utterly appalled at how vulnerable R.P. has been and demanded Summit 'n' Co amp up Pattz's security, stat.

It's about effin' time. Did Rob need to get hit by a cab and accosted by girls before the studio realized there might be a security issue? Not sure exactly what the manic moms held over Summit's head to get the suits to finally step it up, but you go, girls! We heart ya big-time here at A.T.!

While the Eclipse cast has obviously been shielded a lot more this time around, the big concern is ensuring that Rob, priority one, is always peachy keen. And he very much is, since K.Stew accompanies him tons while hiding out from some of the crazies who have made their way up north. Plus, with all the new privacy measures, Robsten's finding time to get out totally unnoticed, trust.

So for some of you in the comment boards who are straying from the Kristen-bashing and launching attacks on Mr. Rob, beware. He's got a results-oriented, badass group of seasoned women ready to take your tushes down (no Terry Tush-Trade hint intended).


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