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Ted Casablanca is traveling this week and mail is being tackled by Team Awful—so try us!

Dear Awful Truth:
I noticed you are getting more explicit lately in your replies so I am going for it. Could you tell us who is really dating who in the beautiful One Tree Hill threesome that is Austin Nichols/Sophia Bush/Robert Buckley? And of course I don't expect a straight answer (no pun intended!).

Dear Pun Intended:
Uh, none of them are "really" dating. But when the One Tree Hill premiere rolls around this fall, betchya you see Sophia conveniently snapped out with both of them.

Dear Awful Truth:
Blind vice guesses: Hugh Jackman is Nevis Devine, Rob Pattinson is Bart Farts-a-Lot and Kellan Lutz is Terry Tush-Trade. Am I close of any of these?
Corn Nugget

Dear Ménage à Trois:
What, just because Ted's gone you think I'll give up the goods on three of the most wanted BV's? Sure, you're very close on some of them.

Dear Awful Truth:
I've been reading all this talk about Sophia Bush dating Austin Nichols and some people wishing that she starts dating Robert Buckley. Am I the only one who wants Robert and Austin together? Wouldn't they be the hottest couple ever? Is there any probability that my dream comes true?

Dear Brokeback Hill:
I would way rather have them together than Sophia and Austin. Gross.

Dear Awful Truth:
Ted's on holiday! Hey Team Awful, when the cat's away, is there a chance the mice might disclose more juicy BV hints? I'm sure Ted wouldn't mind. (Insert evil chuckle here).

Dear Fun One:
I would be more than happy to oblige you—but you forgot one big part of that question. What BV do you want to hear about darling?

Dear Awful Truth:
Can you try to limit the Twilight articles? I used to read your articles everyday, but the twilight is getting a bit too much. Could you try to limit the Twilight by having 3 articles instead of 10?
Tired of Twilight

Dear Dark Over Light:
I don't make promises I can't keep babe, sorry! Why don't you let me know which celebs you want to hear more about and I'll try and semi-even the gossip score for ya.

Dear Awful Truth:
Out of all the Robsten questions you answer, please answer this one, it's a vital one! Since the couple is unofficially official (finally!) do you think we will be seeing more of them or less of them? With New Moon press and promo coming up, Eclipse filming underway, and Summit out of the way (maybe?) what do you think is in store for the lovebirds as far as the media and the fans go? Confirmation, pictures, etc.

Dear Crystal Ball;
The only confirmation will be if some paparazzi takes stalking to a whole new level and they score a way private Robsten-love shot. As for promotion, I can assure you, it's only going to get more Kristen-Taylor heavy, with Rob probably doing solo interviews. But don't worry, Rob and Kristen will still find time to sneak off on the press tours, despite Summit's attempts to book them separately. 

Dear Awful Truth:
I had a hard time believing it but the more I read about Terry Tush-Trade, I am more convinced it's Robert Pattinson. Please let me know if I am getting warmer. Thanks!

Dear Say It Ain't So:
What about Rob gives you the bisexual vibe? The hair?

Dear Awful Truth:
You never hear much about Swedish hottie Alexander Skarsgard, give us the dirt!

Dear True Lust:
When a guy looks as hot as this I don't want the dirt, or anything that'll ruin my image of this perfectly sexalicious man!

Dear Awful Truth:
I was Summit also keeping a leash around Stephenie Meyer. Its seems that with Twilight she was constantly updating her website and now nothing! Or is she busy with another project?

Dear Good Question:
I think out of everyone on Team Twilight Stephenie is the least of their problems. Hopefully she really is that busy working on the Breaking Dawn script. 

Dear Awful Truth:
I'm starting to get a bit curious about the One Tree Hill drama. 1) I read that Sophia Bush was engaged to James Lafferty, is that true? What went wrong? Is Bethany Joy Galleoti as bored as she looks? Keep the Robsten stuff coming!
Brulian Fan 

Dear One Tree Boring:
What is it with this show? I must be missing something because all these people bore me to death (publicly, that is). Sophia definitely isn't getting engaged anytime soon. After that whole Chad Michael Murray debacle, she'd be wise to hold out a bit and date someone she doesn't work with. Or if she was really smart someone who isn't an actor at all. I'm transferring you over to Watch With Kristin now for any other OTH scoop. 

Dear Awful Truth:
I just read Khloé Kardashian's first article and I just wanted to say how great I thought it was, and I can't wait for the others!

Dear Keeping Up:
You won't have to wait long darling, Khloé has a few more installments coming. And I loved it too—some of you commenter's here on AT should take note! 

Dear Awful Truth:
Love your column. Does TTT first show up in New Moon? Is TTT a member of the Volturi or one of the Wolves?

Dear Nice Try:
TTT has been around from the beginning.

Dear Awful Truth:
Here's my question—I just read on OK Mag-8-24-09 that Rob is head over heels for Kristen and wants a serious relationship but it is said that Kristen does not. Is that the truth? Thanks again for the truth.

Dear Really?:
I feel like I shouldn't even answer this considering the tab-rag it came from, but I will. Think of Robsten like the mini Brangelina. Drama sells. People only stay interested in happy couples so long. If OK comes out with a "they're back in love!" cover one week, the next one has to be the opposite to keep the (fake) intrigue going.

Dear Awful Truth:
A few weeks ago, you posted that the longer Robsten is kept under wraps, the better for them to go the distance. Now you post they should come out as a couple because keeping "secret" is too stressful. Which is it?

Dear Back And Forth:
They definitely have a better chance at couple-success the more they keep their personal life private. But that simply means don't be a mother-effing Jon Gosselin and talk to the press every chance you get. We just don't think Robsten should take it to the other extreme and pretend like they don't know each other in public. But by the looks of things (like at Kings Of Leon concert) they heard our bitching. How nice of them!

Dear Awful Truth:
I never watched Mad Men until you wrote the article about Jon Hamm. So I checked it out and now I'm hooked. Is there any gossip on hottie Vincent Kartheiser? Your column always makes my day!

Dear Mad for Mad Men:
Tell me about it—the show's so good! I'm a Hamm lover myself (he's def in my top 5), but as far as I know about Vincent he's a very down to earth guy. And quite the jokester. Not big enough really big enough to be a BV yet, so I don't have that kind of gossip for you.

Dear Awful Truth:
Here's the interview with Ryan Reynolds from Adventureland where he says that Kristen will make it with Robert.

Dear Super Sleuth:
I think that's more information than RR has even blabbed about his own wife. Not sure exactly what he meant by it, nor do I care. We all know the Robsten truth.

Dear Awful Truth:
Ted, Hope you had a good vacation and got to take the dogs to the beach or the park or something! Question: Seems like you haven't had a lot to say about Nevis Divine lately. Could it be because he recently got married? Is Channing Tatum our mysterious bisexual bombshell?

Dear No Ring On It:
Nope, Nevis is legally a bachelor.

Dear Awful Truth:
Would you please inform the rest of your friends at the E! network about Robsten? They don't seem to understand. Since they keep reporting Rob said he was single even though gossip cop shot that stupid rumor down with a quote from his rep. Don't you think the fact that he went out of his way to deny that Mirror article says a lot about how serious they are about each other?

Dear Statement Speaks A Thousand Words:
Not everybody reads The Awful Truth. Shocking, yes. As for your second q, absolutely.

Dear Awful Truth:
What do you think about Quentin Tarantino as a director for Breaking Dawn? Your thoughts please.

Dear Inglourious Vamps:
I think it would be pretty sick. But I'm a Tarantino fan—some people either love him or hate him. The huge vampire fight would so be up Quentin's ally. But then it would have to be rated R. And Summit won't do that.

Dear Awful Truth:
Do Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal have a lot in common? Just curious.

Dear Jack Attack:
Sure they do. Wait...what are you getting at?

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