Jennifer Garner, Reese Witherspoon

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Jennifer Garner's cutesy mug is gracing the cover of C magazine this September, and she gives just some thrilling quotes. And by quotes, we mean white lies.

Says Jen: "I've never been one to paint myself up Hollywood style—I'm just not good at that. I don't have a healthy dose of that kind of vanity although I wish I did because then you know how to be cute when you need to be cute."

OMG! Ms. Garner is sheer perfection in regards to knowing when to turn on the cuteness. Like in front of every friggin' rolling camera, for starters. We wish we could show you the real J.G. behind the scenes, but some of you are already catching wind of what that's like.

Whatev, the total gem of this Q and A with the mag was who Jen revealed was her Hollywood bestie...

Reese Witherspoon!

Garner spilled that Reese was the first person she turns to for advice on how to tame the beasts of work, fame and motherhood. Holy frenemy pairing. There could not be a better match in this town. Jen and Reese are two of the most manipulative be-yotches around. They know how to spin the press and get out this wholesome good girl image, when in reality you all have no idea the nasty dirt that is going on behind the scenes with these two.

Only difference is Reese does it a helluva lot better. She's even tricked us into having a soft spot for the babe. Can't help it! So maybe Garner needs to get a tad more advice from Reese on how to be likeable.

So are Jake Gyllenhaal and Ben Affleck BFFs, too? Is that a loaded question or what

Garner described a "typical" date night with Ben as sitting on the couch with their calendars trying to merge schedules. Well, that has about as much heat as Gyllenspoon does, so you would think these two couples have double date written all over them!

Maybe Bennifer 2.0 needs sex therapy after all. 'Cause trust us, penciling in time to hang out with each other hardly has lasting marriage written all over it. Like we've told you time and time again.

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