Kelsea Ballerini Details Sex Life With Chase Stokes

Kelsea Ballerini shared the sweet details of her romance with Outer Banks star Chase Stokes, explaining why sex with him is different than in past relationships.

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Watch: Kelsea Ballerini Opens Up About “Redeeming” Relationship

Kelsea Ballerini is gettin' busy in her penthouse.

The country musician—who has been dating Chase Stokes since January—got candid on her sex life with the Outer Banks star... but not without a warning to mom Carla Denham first.

"Mom, turn it off! Mother, turn it off!" Kelsea laughed on the Nov. 29 episode of the Call Her Daddy podcast, before divulging that she's "having a nice time."

The "Subject to Change" singer explained that intimacy in her prior relationships was something she "always felt" was for her partner's benefit—but not so with Chase.

"My experience with it was very performative and for the other person," she noted. "And it don't be like that anymore."

Kelsea—who split with husband Morgan Evans in August 2022 after five years—explained that the physical connection is better with a stronger emotional connection as well.

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"I didn't understand how it could be a real connector in a relationship. I never understood that," she shared. "I always thought that it was just something that you did because that's who you do it with. You know? And, no, no, no—now I realize it's a connector for people."

While Kelsea admittedly has a hard time talking about sex due to her Southern upbringing, she called herself a sex positive person who wants to make the topic less "taboo."

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"The safety it gives you is so beautiful," the 30-year-old added. "You get to know yourself and it's a whole new world."

She revealed that her "sappy" love story with Chase traces back to Dec. 1, 2022 at 1:30 a.m., when Kelsea decided to shoot her shot by DMing him on Instagram while she was out drunk with friends at a bar. She said she had no expectations when they first went out and just felt "open" in the "new season" of her life.

They started texting and FaceTiming before meeting in person Jan. 7, 2023, which she considers their official anniversary. On that night, she invited him to a party where she was performing.

"He hopped out of his Bronco, and he did not say a word to me," Kelsea recalled, "and he grabbed my face and he kissed me and he pulled my face away and he said, 'Thank God you're real.'"

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Flash forward 11 months, and it's the real deal—they even got matching Virgo tattoos together. 

As for her favorite thing about the actor? That he got her windows tinted while she was out of town because he wanted her "to be safe." 

But his vulnerability is a draw, too. "He's the most emotionally intelligent man I've ever met in my life," she noted. "I keep telling him he's a man written by a woman."

Jump heartfirst into Kelsea and Chase's romance:

January 2024: Happy Anniversary

The two celebrate the anniversary of their first date.

January 2024: Watching the Sunset

Kelsea shares this romantic pic on their first dating anniversary.

January 2024: Naughty Selfie

"A whole trip around the sun with my bestie," Kelsea writes in her anniversary post. "@hichasestokes thanks for making me write love songs."

January 2024: Chase's Anniversary Post

"One year of lovin you," the actor writes. "P.s. told ya I wouldn’t embarrass you."

November 2023: Sex Confession

Kelsea revealed details of their sex life in November 2023, telling Alex Cooper on Call Her Daddy, "I'm having a nice time."

"My experience with it was very performative and for the other person," she noted. "And it don't be like that anymore."

The musician didn't understand how sex could be "a real connector in a relationship" before dating him.

"I always thought that it was just something that you did because that's who you do it with," the Grammy nominee shared. "Now I realize it's a connector for people."

November 2023: Loving Like They Mean It

Kelsea plants a smooch on Chase's cheek at the CMA Awards in November 2023.

September 2023: A Black Tie Affair

Kelsea and Chase are dressed to the nines when they attended designer Giorgio Armani's One Night Only event on in Venice, Italy. 

The singer-songwriter and the Outer Banks star share images of their getaway on Instagram, including snaps from a cooking class and lounging at the beach.

September 2023: All Smiles

Kelsea shares this behind-the-scenes look from the event.

September 2023: Birthday Love

To commemorate Kelsea's 30th birthday on Sept. 12, 2023 Chase posts a carousel of photos and videos of the three-time Grammy nominee. 

"Dirty 30 looks pretty damn good on you ballerini," he captions the series. "i love you."

September 2023: Couple's Selfie

Kelsea unveils this pic on Chase's 31st birthday days later.

September 2023: Red Hot

The two appear together at the 2023 MTV VMAs on Kelsea's birthday.

September 2023: Red Carpet Romance

The two share a kiss at the event.

August 2023: NYC Date Night

The two are spotted on a summer date in NYC, where she performs on TODAY.

"It's just nice to feel so supported and seen," Kelsea says on the show of Chase, "and, yeah, he's such a wonderful, wonderful human being."

August 2023: Ciao Bella

The couple only have eyes for one another at a Venice Film Festival event.

July 2023: The Sweetest Surprise

Chase shocks Kelsea when he unexpectedly greets her at the airport, with both stars posting video and photos from their adorable reunion. 

July 2023: PDA Alert

The two attend Armani Beauty's ACQUA DI GIO and Gen A celebration in Malibu, Calif.

May 2023: Hometown Visit

Chase joins Kelsea on a trip to her hometown of Knoxville, Tenn.

April 2023: Red Carpet Debut

The pair officially step out as a couple at the CMT Music Awards.

April 2023: Broadway Baby

The twosome attend the premiere party for the Broadway musical Shucked at Capitale.

April 2023: Award Show PDA

The two showcase their love on the CMAs red carpet.

February 2023: Instagram Cuteness

Chase shares a pic of himself and Kelsea showing some PDA.

January 2023: First Date Nerves

In August 2023, Kelsea posts footage of the beginning of their relationship, sharing a throwback clip on TikTok of herself preparing for their first official date on Jan. 7, 2023. 

"Happy weekend," she captions the post, "heres a video i sent to my best friend before my first date with chase."

Set to her song "How Do I Do This," which is about going on a first date after many years, Kelsea models her outfit in the video.

"Here's the look, with the boots" Kelsea says while checking herself out in a full-length mirror. Turning around to showcase her half-up, half-down hairstyle, she adds, "We've got the hair clip, because we're trying to be a cool girl."

She continues speaking to an unnamed friend, explaining, "He's picking me up and we're going to a sushi place and I'll call you tomorrow and for a full update."

Taking a deep breath and raising one arm and finger in the air, she finally says, "I can do this. I can do this." And, after doing a little dance, she proclaims, "It's just a date. You just go and you just eat food and you talk about things that you do, OK?"

January 2023: Romance Rumors

The two are photographed looking cozy at a football game.

December 2022: Shooting Her Shot

Kelsea Ballerini slides into Chase Stokes' DMs on Dec. 1, 2022 at 1:30 a.m. while she was out drunk with friends at a bar.

They eventually met up in person for the first time on Jan. 7, 2023, which she considers their anniversary. 

"He hopped out of his Bronco, and he did not say a word to me," Kelsea later recalls on Call Her Daddy in November 2023, "and he grabbed my face and he kissed me and he pulled my face away and he said, 'Thank God you're real.'"

December 2022: Shooting Her Shot

Their romance blossomed after that first DM, which Kelsea shares in September 2023.

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