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Dear Ted:
Are we wrong to assume that Summit had their hand in lumping the presentation for Best Movie Liplock Award to the others Twilight won at TCA?

Dear Liplock Lockdown:
How much power do you really think Summit gets at the friggin' Teen Choice Awards?

Dear Ted:
Okay, does someone need to remind Miley Cyrus that she is only sixteen years old? Ugh. Pretty girl, but she needs to stop trying so hard and act her age.
Leigh Ann

Dear Hannah Montragedy:
Does someone? Absolutely. But it's definitely not gonna be Nick Jonas who'll break the news to Mi-Cy anytime soon, trust.

Dear Ted:
A little gossip is good, but these Robsten fans go beyond obsessed. I find it incredibly disturbing to see all of the postings in the comments section (as I try to weed through to anything other than Robsten topics). There's such a creepy factor to the whole thing. Can they at minimum be encouraged to post on your message board rather than trashing up the comments sections, saving for folks that want to post a comment about the actual topic you've covered?

Dear Robsten Rant:
In one ear, out the other, munchkin. There's no stopping the Robsessed. But, here's the good news: the comment boards are all yours. Your franchise to do with as you please. Is there something you and your pals are passionate about and want to start a campaign on, like how much you apparently hate Robsten? Go to town! (Just don't expect me to join.)

Dear Ted:
Do you think it is a coincidence that today Ashley Greene not only had pictures making out with Chace Crawford but also naked pictures released, at the same time that pictures of Kristen and Rob were everywhere this weekend? I smell Summit conspiracy.

Dear Photographic Evidence:
I'll tell ya, if it was another Summit scheme, it definitely doesn't work. We love our darling Ash, but her news ain't enough to take away the attention from Robsten. Even Summit knows that.

Dear Ted:
I was the person who responded to the rape question at Comic-Con…I'm not sure you presented it exactly correctly. I wrote a fic, where Rob Pattinson and the female character are drunk. They have sex. My husband, who asked "the" question, was seriously wondering, not because of my fic (which was pulled after the session) but because of The Office which I was reading and he read out of curiosity. Anyway, in our home, when he asked me personally, why don't you consider that rape, and MY PERSONAL ANSWER was because it's Rob…because I have a lovely Robsession. Do I actually think rape is ever ok? No! But was it okay that a writer wrote a fictional story in which Edward and Bella as humans had sex without Edward asking Bella's permission and we later find out that she wanted it, too? Yes, I think that that was ok. So, now you have people hating on me, which is fine, I mean, not the end of the world, but I don't condone rape. And I sure as hell don't condone anything that makes Rob look bad. Kinda have a crush on him after all….

Dear Both Ways:
Love, your story makes no sense. There's nothing redeeming about condoning it just 'cause you like Rob. Double standards never make me happy, and this case is no different than any other one.

Dear Ted:
I just gotta tell ya, I think I'm kinda pissed. Well, no, I know I'm pissed. After all this time, and all you've shared, and all the posts on all the blogs…people are just now waking up to the fact that Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are together? These same people that denied are now amused at how "cute" Robsten is? I'm getting whiplash reading your boards at the posters that hated and now are on the "winning team"…WTF is wrong with people that they can't see what has been right in front of them all along? I know for a fact that I don't have some "super intuitive" skills. It was pretty plain from the get go. I feel bad for these that have denied for so long. I hope they don't have kids, cause they won't see what's in front of them for that either…geez, people wake up!

Dear We Knew From the Get-Go:
Frustrating, isn't it?

Dear Ted:
First off, love you and your little critters! Have one of my own...she's an English Bulldog and she's sooo ugly that she's cute! Secondly, love all the Robsten gossip. After all the photo ops this weekend, it is obvious that Rob and Kristen have had the chance to relax (together) and were so much better at the Teen Choice Awards Sunday night. Kristen looked cute and was more relaxed during interviews and answered like a normal person again (never held the Comic-Con "tragedy" against her!). Rob was enjoying himself and all were smiles being back together as the Twilight cast. Since all of the photo "leaks" and personal time Rob and Kristen have spent together this past weekend, do you think Summit has started to lighten up and realize there is no stopping the inevitable? Are they going to let Robsten prevail and enjoy their off time together even more?

Dear Some of Summit:
Hah! Absolutely not! That's just Rob and Kristen starting to defy Summit's orders. Trust me, that tether isn't becoming looser…in fact, it's just getting too tight for them to stay tied up anymore.

Dear Ted:
Britney Spears
received the Teen Choice Lifetime Achievement Award. Interesting. So at the age of 27, she's getting a "lifetime" award. Is that the Teen Choice's way of saying, "You old, girl, stop coming 'round here." It seems to be a dubious honor.

Dear The Answer's in the Title:
Choice, darling. Teen. To that demographic, she's practically Joan Rivers by now.

Dear Ted:
I followed your Tweets about Rob and Kristen at the TCAs. Great. I know you said that you couldn't get a great picture of them leaving. I wanted to let you know that someone on YouTube posted them actually getting in the same vehicle together so you were so on the money about that. I can't wait to hear more about them!

Dear Oh, Technology:
Ain't YouTube just the best, babe? Thank you for adding even more fuel to that fab Robsten fire.

Dear Ted:
Why doesn't Michael Jackson's family just have DNA tests performed on the kids to prove who their biological father really is? That would finally end all this "his friend is really their father, no, he's not!" nonsense.

Dear DNAngry:
That's not a revelation that any of the Jackson family—especially the kids—want to discover at the moment.

Dear Ted:
You were right on Stanley Tucci, he hasn't been that hot since he choked some dude in a porn theater in Pelican Brief. What about Kathy Griffin in Levi's levis? Yum.

Dear Good God, Griffin!:
Anything that has to do with our favorite darling Kathy is yum to us, sweetheart!

Dear Ted:
Which one of you airheads said that Elisabeth Hasselbeck is the "Dumbest Person on TV?" Sorry, you have that wrong! She is interrupted so much by rude Joy Behar that she can't really get much said. Give that title to someone other than Elisabeth.

Dear View from the Top:
Joy can interrupt anybody's ass (including mine, which she has several times) on The View anytime she likes. She's funny. And she informs. Elisabeth just rants.

Dear Ted:
I just saw pictures of the Twilight cast at Teen Choice Awards. Nikki Reed placed herself in front of Kristen Stewart. What was she thinking, that she is the star? She should take a backseat where she belongs & let Kris stand in front with Rob.

Dear Must Nix Nikki:
Does that really surprise you that much? Now if someone like Ashley were to do that, we'd be shocked at the sudden egomania. But it's Nikki. Of course she's not taking a backseat. It's why love to hate her! Too scrumptious!

Dear Ted:
What size clothes does Nicky Hilton Rothschild wear? Her legs are super, super skinny!!

Dear Haute Hilton:
Size somewhere between Mary-Kate Olsen and starvation, not good.

Dear Ted:
I attended a party this weekend in Montauk and Mark Consuelos was there sans Kelly Ripa. He's about 5'2" and not very friendly, at least not to anyone other than one person in particular (A.C.). Now I know that he and Kelly have a ton of kids together, but I have to say that he gives off a very strong gay vibe (please feel free to delete this part if you respond). Has he/they ever been a Blind Vice subject?
Curious Party Crasher

Dear Consuelos Counsel:
She has, he hasn't. And yes I agree to your vibe. But, sweetheart, sometimes you have to ask: is there really a vibe, or do I just want there to be a vibe?

Dear Ted:
Is R.Pattz Toothy Tile?

Dear Tile-icious:
Hell no. Toothy was famous way before Rob came to our attention.

Dear Ted:
I know I've written this to you before, but it bears repeating. Thanks for keeping the eye on the ball when it comes to Prop 8 and 'equality-minded' Mormons. It really bothers me when active, believing Mormons claim to be supportive of their gay friends, gay family members, and the gay community at-large. I can't fathom providing significant financial support and personal belief in an organization that actively seeks to oppose gay rights on one hand, while claiming to be personally supportive of gay rights and gay relatives on the other. The obvious hypocrisy is sickening and I think Mormons, particularly those in the public eye, should be called to task for trying to have it both ways.

Dear Religious Woes:
True, and I agree—the issue is worse with those who are hypocritical about their views, rather than those who have the courage of their (albeit disappointingly unfair) convictions.

Dear Ted:
Is Ashton Kutcher really as crazy about his older wife Demi Moore as he claims? And his step-daughters, too? I find it hard to believe things are as rosy as he always makes them out to be! It has been my experience that when people constantly brag about how good things are, they usually are covering up for "something." Give us the scoop please. Thanks in advance.
P.K. in S.C.

Dear Kutchy Kutchy Coo:
There has definitely been some behind-the-scenes drama about the couple that the tabloids still don't know yet. But in regards to the kids and Demi, Ash is definitely crazy about them. Back-door juice doesn't necessarily mean everything in the limelight is a lie.

Dear Ted:
Do you think the best career choice Paula Abdul could have made was to quit American Idol? Look at all the publicity she is getting!

Dear Abdul Abduction:
Best choice: staying on Idol. Second-best choice: quitting it.

Dear Ted:
We get so many conflicting stories about Rob Pattinson. He's a womanizer (i.e. Nikki Reed, Megan Fox) or he's the humble romantic "absolutely devoted" to Kristen Stewart. He "enjoys the hunt" going after already-taken gals, or he is the shy, humble guy drinking beers in the corner who prefers women to approach him. Who is this guy and what's the real story on his dating habits?

Dear Mystery Man:
Not sure he's entirely sure.

Dear Ted:
Ever since I discovered your website you have been my main man to go to first thing when I get on the net but now, you are losing me. Can't you write about other people besides Robsten and Jennifer Aniston? I used to religiously read your articles first thing when I got on the net but for the past few months it seems like all your articles are about these people. There really are more worthy folks to write about. Please! Give me something else to read!

Dear Anti-Aniston:
Might I suggest perusing through our dee-lish Blind Vices to gain some reading material?

Dear Ted:
Kanye West
didn't say he was the King of Pop…someone attributed the quote to him and he flat out denied it. Is he arrogant? Yes. That arrogant? No. I need you for reliable, juicy gossip, not so I can read bitter people complain (and lie) about someone they don't like!

Dear Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger:
Leave it to Kanye to spin. Of course he's going to deny it, but you can damn well bet that he's thinking it.

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