Zawe Ashton Makes Marvelous Comment About How Fiancé Tom Hiddleston "Empowered" Her

Zawe Ashton revealed how her fiancé Tom Hiddleston helped her prepare her to step into the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a villain in the upcoming film The Marvels.

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When it comes to life as a supervillain, Zawe Ashton and Tom Hiddleston are keeping it in the family.

In fact, the Fresh Meat alum revealed how her fiancé helped her prepare to step into the shoes of a Marvel villain—a role he knows well from more than a decade as Loki. In fact, her fiancé's advice was a lot more thoughtful than simple strategies for defeating the Avengers.

"It led to some incredible conversations about his experience being part of this franchise for over a decade," Zawe, who will face off against Brie Larson's Captain Marvel as Dar-Benn in The Marvels, explained to Entertainment Weekly in an interview published July 18. "One of the main takeaways from our conversations was: 'What you put into Marvel, you get back. If you go into this with an open heart and a great work ethic and just want to provide an amazing experience for the fans, you'll have an amazing experience on those sets.'"

The 38-year-old continued, "He really empowered me in that way."

Tom Hiddleston: Movie Star

And in addition to instilling confidence, Tom also imparted a different kind of wisdom.

"He also had some very good practical advice, which was, 'make sure you have enough zippers to go to the bathroom in your costume,'" Zawe continued. "Which is very good advice, I realize now."

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The Handmaid's Tale actress and Avengers alum, who have been engaged since June of last year, also recently became new parents. A source confirmed the happy news in October to US Weekly, sharing that the pair "are loving being new parents and are filled with joy."

But despite rare glimpses into their life together, the pair have largely kept their romance private.

While Tom simply told the Los Angeles Times he was "very happy" following the news of their engagement, he's previously spoken out about keeping his personal life out of the spotlight—a habit the Loki actor seems to have picked up after his brief and very public romance with Taylor Swift in 2016. 

"I'm protective about my internal world now in probably a different way," he shared in a 2019 New York Times interview. "That's because I didn't realize it needed protecting before."

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