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Is there any actor in Hollywood who hasn't played a friggin' vampire?
—G.F., Michigan

Between True Blood, Twilight, BBC's Being Human, the upcoming Vampire Diaries and the Anita Blake books coming to the IFC channel, you'd think every actor in Hollywood was shunning the sun and sucking on O-negative. Or at least playing some demonic, blood-craving, vampire-esque critter like Megan Fox is.

Still, there are plenty of actors who have not been infected in unholy ways, and I can give you a list...

...but first, a partial list of actors of the night:

Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Kirsten Dunst. Kiefer Sutherland. Josh Hartnett, David Boreanaz, Gary Oldman, Antonio Banderas, Kate Beckinsale, Stuart Townsend, the late Aaliyah, Quentin Tarantino, Harvey Keitel. Oh, and Eddie Murphy (kind of bizarre), Alyssa Milano (not all that bizarre), and Jim Carrey (really very bizarre).

Don Rickles. Really.

Now, who hasn't played a vampire.

I would say Johnny Depp, except JUST AS I WAS TYPING THIS he confirmed a vampire movie with Tim Burton. Forget I said anything.

For those of you out of the Megan Fox loop, she is set to play a high school girl possessed by a vampirelike critter of some stripe in Jennifer's Body, out next month. I say vampirelike because she has fangs and sucks blood but is most likely technically not a vampire. It would seem this has confused members of the entertainment news community.

Oddly, John Malkovich hasn't played a vampire. You'd think he'd be the first to jump on that bandwagon and get to neck-chompin' as soon as the director said go. He has played a director working with a vampire, but not the vampire. Go figure.

Your adorable Michael Cera has never played a vampire. Neither has Jennifer Aniston, which would be all kinds o' good times. (Closest she came was getting chased by a mean leprechaun.)

Matthew McConaughey hasn't played one, either. Tom Hanks has never played a big-screen vampire.

Jessica Biel has never played a vampire but has done the vampire-hunter thing.

But the most shocking actor to have never played a vampire? My vote goes to Angelina Jolie. Who do you think?


Holy dang, Megan Fox is hot. Good thing today is National Megan Fox Awareness Day on E! Online.

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