Niall Horan Teasing Details About One Direction’s Group Chat Is Simply Perfect

Niall Horan, whose mentee Gina Miles just won The Voice season 23, told E! News that his new group chat with One Direction bandmates is "definitely louder than most."

By Angie Orellana Hernandez May 24, 2023 11:07 PMTags

Niall Horan is spilling all the little things about One Direction's group chat.

The singer, whose Team Niall mentee Gina Miles won The Voice season 23, recently shared that he has an active group message with his former One Direction bandmates, though he didn't specify who was in it.

"We've had three or four group chats," Niall exclusively told E! News after The Voice season 23 live finale. "Some of them have been more quiet than others. This new one is definitely louder than most, and it's been great. I'm sure if I had a look at my phone in a few minutes I'd see some messages."

While the boyband has reunited over text, don't expect to hear Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson or Zayn Malik on Niall's upcoming album, The Show.

"No," Niall said in response to whether his upcoming album will include any One Direction alum, "now that's a straight and easy answer."

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However, the "Slow Hands" artist was open to the idea of having Gina perform on the album's accompanying tour.

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"I would love that at some point," Niall added. "If we can get her on some shows, things will have to happen in the background, but absolutely. I've been saying it for so long, I feel like no one was listening, but this girl is…you know a talent when you hear it. And this girl has got it. So yeah, there's no reason why she wouldn't open up for me at some point."

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