Model Madeleine White Combines Her Most Viral Outfits Into One Look for Must-See TikTok

TikToker Madeleine White reflected on her viral outfits of 2022 in a new TikTok, which combined some of her wildest pieces—such as boot leggings and a Prada bag—into one look. See the video below.

By Daisy Maldonado Dec 13, 2022 9:56 PMTags
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Madeleine White is closing out the year on a fashion high. 

The TikToker recently reflected on her most notable looks from the past year, combining the pieces her most viral videos into a single statement outfit.

"So you know how Spotify does Spotify wrapped at the end of the year?" Madeleine said in her Dec. 12 video. "A highlight reel of your best work throughout the year? I thought what if we do it with clothes."

She continued, "Let's put on all of my most viral outfits from this year together."

Madeleine kicked things off with a pair of boot leggings, from her Dec. 12 video, admitting as she tried them on that it already "feels like regret." Nevertheless she continued her endeavor by adding more items showcased in her previous TikToks—such as a sparkly beaded top and a cut-out star skirt.

"I wish I could do every single viral product," she shared. "Believe it or not I'm actually not that reckless with money, I do understand a return policy."


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As she finished her look with a crochet bolero hoodie and a yellow Prada bag, Madeleine added, "I often ask myself how I ended up doing this for a living."

"This is the outfit, hope you enjoyed watching me style these this year," the TikToker said at the end of the video. "I'm sure there we'll have even more in 2023."


@madeleine_white Kind of regretting returning the net dress now ?? #grwm #ootd ? Last Christmas (Pudding Mix) - Wham!

Although her look comprised of items that seemingly should not go together, the final outfit took followers by surprise, with many calling the ensemble shockingly chic.

"I feel like this outfit exists somewhere on a high fashion runway," wrote one person, to which Madeleine agreed with, saying, "It's giving Gucci for sure."

Another user added, "It feels like a high fashion mom made this for her daughter who loves starwars. But the mom has never seen it."

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