How Lindsey Vonn Is Adapting to Life After Skiing Retirement

Three-time Olympic medalist Lindsey Vonn is sharing a glimpse at her life more than three years after retiring from skiing: "It always feels really weird to me that I'm not on a slope right now."

By Kisha Forde Oct 28, 2022 2:07 PMTags
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Lindsey Vonn is finding new ways to live life on the edge.
In fact, although the three-time Olympic medalist retired from skiing in 2019, she still finds herself missing out on all the action on the slopes as the temperature starts to drop.

"This is a very hard time of year for me because the first races are happening and it always feels really weird to me that I'm not actually on a slope right now," Lindsey, 38, exclusively told E! News at the US Ski and Snowboard Gala on Oct. 27. "But I am adapting to life after competition. I am still challenging myself in new ways, but there's definitely nothing like racing down an icy mountain at 85 miles an hour. And there never be anything like it, so I'll just try to get my kicks wherever I can."

Another athlete that also found themselves stepping off the mountain earlier this year was five-time Olympian Shaun White, who announced he would retire from snowboarding after competing in the 2022 Winter Olympics.

And as Lindsay—who presented Shaun, 36, with the lifetime achievement award at the gala—mentioned, watching his final run in February was a moment she'll never forget.

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"I have known Shaun for a very long time, since he was the flying tomato—the hair is a little shorter but he's still the same Shaun," she shared. "But I feel like we have been on a similar trajectory for a long time, and it was great to see his final competition at the Beijing Olympics and that was really emotional for him—and also for me as a spectator and as someone who has been through it."

Added Lindsey, "It was really amazing to watch that moment and I am honored to be able to present the award to him."


Since leaving the halfpipe behind, the snowboarder has set his focus on Whitespace, the active lifestyle company that he founded just before his retirement. But Shaun isn't the only one kickstarting brand new ventures after a monumental career. Lindsey also has her eyes set on a few different projects in the near future—one of which includes enjoying a familiar pastime.

"I am looking forward to skiing, which I haven't said in a while, but I am really excited for the winter," she shared. "I have my goggle collection coming out, I have my new ski line coming out, so many exciting things. I have had a really great summer but I'm not excited for the cold, because I never am, if you know me, you know I hate the cold—but I am excited to ski."

-Reporting by Charles O' Keefe

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